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How does Mental Health affect your Productivity?

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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What do you understand by the term mental health? We are sure, a lot of you might have heard this term but you might not know the exact meaning of it or the significance it holds in our day-to-day life. So, let’s get on with this, and let us explain to you what exactly it is and how important it is for us.

Mental health is all about an individual’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. The state in which a person determines how he feels thinks and acts about different events or activities happening in his life. It’s important at every stage of life of a human, whether it be adolescence or adulthood.

An unhealthy mental health might lead to different kinds of problems for an individual like problems at the workplace or unemployment, family issues, increased criminal activities, financial issues, etc. When these matters go unchecked for a large period they can cause effects that are long-lasting or can’t be reversed. Whereas, when a person has healthy mental health, it affects that person’s ability to cope with stress positively. It also increases the chances for an individual to have healthier relationships. Other than these, it also increases the chances of an individual having better productivity and higher quality of life.

If a person is mentally well and fits he will be able to adjust according to the changes happening in a better way. Good mental health will allow the individual to use most of one’s potential, allowing him to work most efficiently. Good mental health will help an individual to cope with stress positively and take it up as a challenge to improve his productivity. There have been instances when small amounts of stress are good for an individual. 

In the corporate world, a lot of emphases is given to an employee’s well-being to boost the person’s productivity. Some of the steps the companies take regularly to keep a check on the mental health of their employees are:

  • Identifying barriers to productivity
  • Developing a culture of well-being
  • Introducing employee assistance programs
  • Flexible work hours

 This has greatly influenced the level of productivity of humans working in the organisation. 

Now that we have told you about the relationship between an individual’s mental health and his productivity, let me tell you how one can keep up his mental health just by eating healthy items. Whatever you eat has a direct impact on your body as well as on your mind, so one should take care of eating habits. You can’t go around eating all sorts of food and think about having great mental health. You as a person should know what is good and what is bad for your health. An individual should have a planned diet to support his mental system. To do this one should be aware that when the person gets hungry, what type of food is required at what time, and in what amount.

Different foods which help increase the productivity of an individual are:

So, one should take care of his or her mental health in any way possible as this directly affects the overall growth and productivity of an individual. To take care of mental health one should follow a proper timetable like exercising on time, having a proper sleeping schedule, and living in a positive environment. Other than these things, an individual should also take great care of what he is consuming daily and in what proportions.

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