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Bandra’s Tasty Treats Were Featured on Ananya Panday’s Sunday Meal


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It is an incredible privilege to be able to spend our weekends in exactly the manner in which we have chosen. It looks like Ananya Panday did it just right. This past Sunday, she went for a walk around the alleyways of Bandra, where she checked out the graffiti on our walls and ate some delicious cuisine.
Ananya Panday published a carousel picture on Instagram containing excerpts from her Sunday diaries. The very first photo that she uploaded showed her tearing a piece of stretchy cheese off of a pizza while she was munching on it.
The cheesy pizza slice that she uploaded first made us salivate, and then the photo of the coffee that she posted next made us salivate even more. The creamy coffee was served in a cup with an unusual design on the foam that resembled a heart.
Ananya Panday said in the post’s description, “Nothing like going around Bandra on a Sunday afternoon,” that there is “nothing like wandering around Bandra.” Someone in the comments section mentioned the possibility that Ananya Panday was having a bite to eat at the Sabko cafe in Bandra.
It goes without saying that the post drew a deluge of responses from friends, with approximately 600 likes and 2,000 comments accumulated so far. Maheep Kapoor responded with the word “yum” and an emoji of a face drooling with saliva. Suhana Khan responded, “Take me also.” One of her followers suggested that she sample some candy, and several of her other followers responded with emojis for the words “yummy” and a heart.
Now that we have more information, we can say for certain that Ananya Panday is a fan of coffee. The last time she was in New York City, she was only there for two days and barely had enough time to squeeze in a brief stop for piping hot coffee and some sandwiches.
She even walked about the city carrying takeout coffee in an effort to provide her system with a steady supply of caffeine. When it comes to having a passion for coffee, Ananya Panday is not alone in her feelings. She met her match in the co-star of the film “Liger,” Vijay Deverakonda, who was also recently seen enjoying a cup of coffee.
Ananya posted a picture of the two of them doing so on Instagram with the caption, “Koffee with (out) Karan.” You may learn more about it on this page.
We are all seeking comfort in a hot cup of coffee as the temperature continues to fall since it is the only thing that will keep us warm. In order to keep you toasty and cozy this winter, here are a few different recipes for coffee that you might try.

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