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The Snackfax Guide: To say Hello to your Heart’s BestFriend aka Walnuts(WonderNuts)

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Walnuts are the wonder nuts you are looking for! Make them your heart’s best friends. They can act as a soldier for your heart. Do you know munching a certain amount of walnuts daily helps reduce blood pressure and decreases the chance of heart attack? Isn’t it great?

According to the WHO, noncommunicable diseases accounted for 63 per cent of total deaths in India in 2016, with cardiovascular disease accounting for 27 per cent (CVD). Heart disease and stroke are two of India’s leading causes of death.

 As per the study, walnuts are the only nuts that contain plant-based omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of Omega-3 fatty acid that can improve heart health. Walnut’s polyunsaturated fats (good fats) and ALA can also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, two major risk factors for heart disease. The study says it can also prevent weight gain and maintains the body mass index.

How many walnuts should you consume?

A handful of walnuts (approximately 28 gms) is recommended for daily consumption. This serving contains 2.5g of essential plant-based omega-3, 4g protein, and 2g fibre, all of which are necessary for overall health.

When should you consume it?

While walnuts can be eaten at any time of day and season, They say that. These contain PICO melatonin, which enters your brain and raises serotonin levels, promoting sleep.

How to pair it with other nuts?

You can also mix soaked walnuts with soaked anjeer or almonds. Simply soak 2 walnuts, 1 anjeer, and 4 almonds overnight and eat the following day. You can also add ‘Munakka’ (larger raisin) to this. This combination creates a wholesome snack that is both nutritious and filling.

Researchers studied 20 years of diet history and 30 years of physical and clinical measurements to discover that participants who ate walnuts as children were more likely to be physically active, have a higher diet quality, and have a lower risk of heart disease in middle adulthood. The team analysed data from 3,341 Americans aged 45 and up for the study.

Some of the recipes where you can include walnuts

Walnut Apple Salad

This salad’s combination of fresh, crisp apple slices, toasty walnuts, and smooth cream cheese will leave you wanting more.

Walnut Pasta Sauce

For all the vegans over there, if you want to eat mac n cheese too, here is the idea, grind walnut dairy-free milk and nutritional yeast in a grinder. Your pasta sauce is ready.

Walnut Protein Balls

It has texture from chopped walnuts and chia seeds, sweetness from honey and dates, with walnut butter as a binder, and finally, rolled over with choco chips.

You know what is best for yourself, and for that, you need correct information; with this, we have provided the benefits of walnuts. So for the sake of your heart, don’t leave these wonder nuts.

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