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Kitchen Hacks: 8 Handy Tools & Appliances For Bachelors

It can be satisfying to live on your terms, free of papa’s lockdown and mama’s rules, when you order McDonald’s instead of homemade dal chawal for dinner. Moving out of our parent’s house and into our first apartment feels like the beginning of our adult lives. It’s great to decorate your own house that shows your specific taste.

However, a large part of this fancy image is shattered when you realize you’ve left behind the most comfortable home and stepped into the real world. Papa handled everything, right from the bills to budgeting, whereas Mumma ran the household like a well-oiled machine. But, we never understood the value of these things at home. We always used to think, bas sab apne app ho jata hain.

Life teaches everything with time; we have to move out of our comfort zone at some point to lead our own lives, to build our own world. Yes, it can be very scary but in a good way, right? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here is the list of things you need to start your kitchen that will surely make your life easier.

Eight Must Have Kitchen Appliances

1. Induction Stove

To begin cooking, you must get a stove. Gas stoves are difficult to store in cramped quarters. These induction stoves cater to the need for cooking. Cooking for one can be simple and easy with a good induction stove. When purchasing pots and pans, make sure that they are induction compatible.

2. All-Purpose Mixer Grinder

To make sauces, chutneys, ground soups, dosa batter, smoothies, and gravies, you’ll need a good mixer grinder that’s compact and powerful enough to not interfere with your work or studies. Invest in a sound, compact mixer to expand your ability to cook recipes from various cuisines and food courses on weekends.

3. Sauce Pan

A saucepan is one more tool that can boil milk, and eggs, heat water and make soup, pasta, tea, or stews. Buy an induction-friendly saucepan to perform cooking. A simple stainless steel induction (heavy gauge, though) would also work fine.

4. Pressure Cooker

This is a must. After coming from the office or college, you may not find time to cook proper food, but with a cooker, you can make one-pot meals like pulaavs, khichdi, and many more.

5. Microwave Oven

No one wants to eat thanda khana after a long tiring day. So, if your maid cooks your food in the morning and keeps it in the fridge, this one is for you. Just 30 seconds and you have your smoking hot food ready.

6. Hand Blender

Take the one with 3 attachments, one is frother, whisker, and blender. This one is like Ek teer se teen nishane. With a blender, you can make soups and smoothies. The frother is for the morning coffee that gives you Starbucks feel; last one whisker, if your inner baker wakes up, you can make cakes.

7. Pan/Tawa

From making Rotis to dosa or omelette, this one is beneficial. You can reheat it. Use a nonstick Tawa to keep the flatbreads evenly roasted and from sticking to the Tawa.

8. Knife set

As one of the most used kitchen equipment, it is essential to have a sharp and durable set of knives handy. A good set of knives can not only help make the work easy but also save time.

Now, that you have all these items, you will definitely thank us later. You can bookmark these in case of a later purchase.

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