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Man posts Bizare restaurant names online, Netizens react.

If you enjoy good eats as much as we do, you’ve probably found that browsing through various culinary apps can be a lot of fun. It’s not an exaggeration to suggest the whole thing helps relieve tension for us. There are many things that we encounter, such as new locations, exotic foods, enticing discounts, and other exciting opportunities, that pique our interest. A Twitter user discovers something hilarious when using a food delivery app. The user, identified only as “Akhil Sood,” posted about a singular encounter he had recently on the microblogging service. And it was a discussion on the names of several late-night eateries that had him in fits of laughter. Speculating about what it might give us a chance to spill the beans.

He was “mindlessly browsing late-night Zomato,” as stated by Akhil Sood (he may have meant Zomato). He then found some hilariously offbeat restaurant and dish names. Weird names for restaurants and foods include “dumb biryani” (a misspelling of “dum biryani”), “Bhookha Sher,” “Second Wife’s Kitchen,” and many others.

Find the tweet here: Bizarre restaurant names go Viral

Additionally, he tweets, “It’s a smart tactic considering the target demographic comprises largely drunks and stoners, two groups are not exactly known for a sophisticated sense of humor.” Naturally, the post went viral very quickly. And people began responding with chuckles and emoticons of various kinds.

“Where did you find this page?” It could be spelled zumato, zbato, zlato, zimato, or zxato. Sadly, I doubt we will ever know “take in a remark Someone else remarked, “Lol! The tweet makes me think of “Stars of the silver screen: How knowledgeable are they really? Are they aware of something? “Let’s Find Out!” from “BoJackHorseman.” Furthermore, “Inside you, there are two Bhookhas,” read the third comment.

Do you agree that this is a humorous post? Do you ever find yourself navigating through culinary apps and coming across strange restaurant and dish names? Put it in the comments section below.

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