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Is the flour market’s titan losing its sheen? Meet Chakki Peesing, the new contender

In 2024-25, the brand plans to open 40 to 50 stores,


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According to IMARC analysis, the packaged atta (wheat flour) market size has reached INR 73.9 billion in 2023 and is projected to climb to INR 242.8 billion by 2032. Who would have imagined that simple atta (flour), a household staple, represents such a vast market with a multitude of well-known big and smaller brands? Despite the variety available, consumers often place their trust in the bigger brands. These established names have built their reputation over decades, promising consistent quality and reliability.

However, in an evolving market, even the most trusted brands must innovate and adapt to maintain their sheen. The rise of consumer awareness and a growing preference for authenticity and freshness are now paving the way for new challengers. And in an industry dominated by giants for decades, one brand is daring to challenge the status quo—Chakki Peesing.

Rajeev Khera, the founder of Chakki Peesing, believes that the era of the bigger flour brands might be coming to an end. With 22 years of experience in the industry, Khera saw an opportunity to offer something different. Driven by his own experiences and the changing demands of consumers, he founded the brand in 2020.

“One of the biggest motivations for us to start Chakki Peesing was that the quality of flour available in the market was deteriorating,” Khera explained. “Especially after Covid, people have shifted to healthier eating habits. We wanted to support that change.”

Khera started as a modest store in a locality. Initially, this setup catered to a small, local customer base, but now has moved operations to a larger factory. Now, this brand aims to open more stores in high-footfall areas. “We are targeting key grocery stores within various societies to stock our products. This strategy will enhance our visibility in the market. In 2024-25, we plan to execute this strategy aggressively and aim to open 40 to 50 stores,” he said.

Problem with Big Brands

Khera highlights a critical issue with the long-established flour brands. “In the last 30 to 40 years, the standard flour we consume hasn’t evolved. The needs of people are changing, yet the flour industry has remained stagnant. People are eating the same old atta,” he noted.

The traditional packaged flour companies have struggled to innovate. “Packaged atta companies have tried to introduce customized and fresh products, but they’ve failed because it’s not feasible at their scale,” Khera observed. This stagnation has created a ripe opportunity for newcomers like Chakki Peesing to introduce variety and innovation.

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The Chakki Peesing Difference

Chakki Peesing aims to cater to the evolving dietary needs of consumers by offering a range of flour blends and types that go beyond the traditional wheat flour. “Why not get into flours that are better and more varied?” Khera asked rhetorically. “We need to go beyond the ordinary atta.”

Khera’s confidence in Chakki Peesing is rooted in his heritage. “I’m from Madhya Pradesh, the state that grows the best Sharbati wheat. This gives us a significant advantage in sourcing the right kind of wheat for the flour industry,” he said.

But it’s not just about quality wheat. Chakki Peesing is also addressing the logistics and convenience issues faced by urban consumers. “We are solving the problems of sourcing and grinding for urban India. Our goal is to ensure that consumers don’t have to source or grind their wheat themselves,” Khera explained.

Shifting Consumer Behavior

Khera points to a significant behavioral change in how consumers purchase flour. “Just five years ago, people only trusted major marketplaces and brands. Today, the playing field is changing. Trust is being built through word of mouth, and customers are more open to trying new brands,” he said.

This shift is driven by the consistency and quality of Chakki Peesing’s products. “My entire clientele has grown through word-of-mouth referrals. We have not spent much on marketing yet. Once you taste our flour and see that its quality remains consistent, you stick with us,” Khera stated confidently.

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Embracing Health Trends

Chakki Peesing is also capitalizing on the growing trend of health consciousness. With increasing awareness around health conditions like diabetes and hypertension, many consumers are looking for alternatives to traditional wheat flour. “We are fully equipped to handle this kind of scenario. We offer better wheat varieties like Emmer wheat and Black wheat, which are healthier alternatives,” Khera said.

Moreover, Chakki Peesing has developed a range of multigrain and millet mixes to cater to various dietary needs. “We have multigrain blends with varying percentages of wheat to cater to different preferences. For those who want to eliminate wheat altogether, we offer a multi-millet mix,” Khera explained.

Road Ahead

Despite the challenges, Khera is optimistic about the future. “Our growth story is multi-directional. We are focusing on local presence through retail stores, while also expanding our online reach across India. We’re targeting quick commerce platforms like Dunzo and Swiggy Instamart for faster delivery options,” he shared.

Chakki Peesing’s approach is clearly resonating with consumers. “We are seeing significant success in Delhi and NCR. Our strategy of targeting local grocery stores is working well, and we plan to expand this model to other regions,” Khera said. Over the last three years, the brand has established locally, and deliver its products across India within 48 hours. Next year, they aim to achieve three to four times the growth compared to what the brand achieved in 2023-24.

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