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Millo in Mumbai gives the city a high-end culinary twist

If you’re a vegetarian, are you still looking for a place where you can eat delicious vegetarian and vegan food and relax so well that you feel as clear as day? Well, the brand-new high-end restaurant and bar Millo brings class to food with a pinch of passion in every dish and meets all your vegetarian needs.

The word “millo” means “unite,” and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing, and doing a lot of, from the moment you walk into the restaurant. The place is truly unique, with a modern style and a modern touch. It is also a very creative vegetarian space, which makes it an important part of the modern way of life with its exclusive, luxurious, and elegant decor.

Millo was made by Minnie Bhatt, who started the company Minnie Bhatt Design. The designs show off her talent and will last for a long time. In a world that is always changing, Minnie Bhatt’s design for Millo blends the classic and the modern in a way that makes the space feel warm, inviting, and timeless. The restaurant has a distinct style and atmosphere that shows off its luxury, with shades of blue and white and a floor with white and gray patterns that are very unique. The space is made to go from day to night without a hitch, and it makes you think of a bright, peaceful summer day in nature.

Millo is a restaurant in Lower Parel, Mumbai, that was opened by some of the best restaurateurs in Gujarat. It’s the perfect place for both South Mumbai and the people who live in the suburbs. It’s in the plush, luxurious Kamala Mills, which has a lot of restaurants with different kinds of food, but this one stands out and makes you feel like you’re eating in the old streets of Greece.

In the middle of all the chaos, Millo is the perfect place to find peace and quiet. It’s like a breath of fresh air, especially for people who want to try something new or just want to find their new favorite place to hang out. The restaurant’s warm atmosphere makes it a pleasant place to eat, which makes its guests feel at home. 

Sharing happiness across the table makes sure that everyone has a good time, whether they are families or business people. It has a large first floor that is great for parties and private gatherings. And rightly so; it’s a lively bar on the weekends and a warm, cozy place during the week.

Millo is like a deep blue ocean full of stories that haven’t been told yet. With a quiet place to sit and colorful paintings all around, it has its own charm. This vegetarian restaurant is mysterious and holds pure mystery. It is open to family and friends, and the food is delicious. The paintings on the wall have a lot to do with the past. 

There is also a book corner for people who like to read. Along with the antique furniture and paintings of flowers, the soft lights add a sense of luxury to the room. The charming walk-in atmosphere and eye-catching interiors set a scenic tone for the space and show off the restaurant’s different corners and colors well. The upholstery tells a story that hasn’t been told and gives off a peaceful and calm vibe. It gives off a pleasant vibe and has a strong charisma that everyone enjoys.

Sujit Mehta, the founder of Millo, says that the best coffee beans come from Chikmagalur’s Mandal Khan Estate and are used to make pour-overs, cold brews, and iced Americanos using innovative manual coffee brewing techniques.

Millo’s food is a unique take on vegetarian dishes from all over the world, with a focus on Mexican, Italian, and European cuisines and a wide range of vegan and plant-based options. Our guests get to try some new drinks because we make our cocktails by hand and use sustainable ingredients.

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