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O’be Cocktails: Story of India’s home-grown premium cocktail brand to try ASAP

Today’s world is one which likes to have a large number of cocktails. And the demand for cocktails increases when they are of O’be. To those who know what O’be is, congratulations you are one of the elite. And those who don’t, you need not worry because we are here to tell you all about the company which is named O’be and serves one of the best cocktails.

The engineer in the story (Mr Nitesh Prakash – Founder and CEO) set out to build his own line of premium cocktails that would guarantee a faultless drinking experience every time.

In the kitchen, we set up a makeshift laboratory to conduct our experiments. The official story is that many friends were used for testing various flavours and combinations. In order to determine which distilleries produced the highest quality spirits, he travelled to many locations.

After extensive tasting and deliberation, only the finest liquors and liqueurs were chosen. He zeroed emphasis on genuine, natural flavours to ensure a genuine drinking experience. Even the water used was of the highest quality and purity; nothing could have spoiled the overall experience.

“If there can be craft beers, why can’t there be craft cocktails?

He coordinated with bartenders and mixologists to ensure that each customer had the same premium, au-naturel cocktail experience each time.

The LIIT was deemed the most outrageous of all the sampled cocktails. Highball glasses of the boozy concoction were comfortable to grasp (even as the normal conversation became impossible) With premium vodka, white rum, gin, and agave as its foundation, “O’ Be Lively” is Nitesh’s first premium classic cocktail creation for his business.

Do you not think that Cosmopolitan is the place to be for the life of the party? You could almost smell and taste the assured good time as you sipped the colourful cocktail from the classic glassware. Inspired by Cosmo, Nitesh created a new classic cocktail with quality vodka and named it “O’ Be Fab.”

Nitesh, exhausted but elated by the results of the studies, mused, “At the end of a tough day, all one needs is a traditional cocktail to revitalise oneself!” Another premium classic, this time using premium white rum, the “O’ Be Zesty!” was inspired by the minty fresh cocktails that were as refreshing as a summer breeze.

And that, my good people, is how O’ Be Premium Cocktails came to Be.

Cocktail Collection-

The company after much hard work has been able to come up with 4  of the most loved cocktails. Without further adieu, let’s jump into the details.


The o’ be Fab is our tribute to the vivacious Cosmopolitan: a fly drink that works any time of day.

Made with care using a top-notch Vodka, Cranberry, Triple Sec, and Lime mixture.

In a 330 ml serving, the alcohol concentration is roughly 8%.

The drink goes well with a variety of appetisers and main entrees, including Chicken Tikka Pizza, Cheese Sandwich, Mac N Cheese, Indian Curries Mild Spicy with Bread, and Tempura Prawns, Calamari, Chicken Satay. This beverage pairs well with sweets like lemon tart, plum cake, and cranberry mousse.


With our expertly created take on the mother of all mixes, we are upping the bar (hah, get it?)

Made with top-notch ingredients including Vodka, White Rum, Gin, Agave, Triple Sec, Cola, and Lime, and blended to perfection.

In a 330 ml serving, the alcohol concentration is roughly 8%.

Caesar salad, Kung Pao chicken, peri-peri chicken wings, mushroom cheese nuggets, garlic toast, bruschetta, tandoori fish tikka, dumplings, and a variety of other appetisers and main courses, such as Margherita pizza, Aglio Olio pasta, Thai curry red, schezwan noodles, and biryani, pair well with the beverage. Waffles, hazelnut mousse, cheesecake, and tiramisu are just a few of the sweets that pair well with this drink.

o’ be Zesty MOJITO

If you consider yourself a ‘fizzics’ expert, this classic alcoholic beverage is tailor-made for you. If you’re feeling exhausted at the end of the day, sip some of this revitalising mixture.

Blend of excellent White Rum, Mint, and Lime.

A 330-millilitre bottle contains around 8 per cent alcohol by volume.

You can enjoy this beverage alongside a variety of appetisers and main dishes, including onion rings, herb soup, watermelon feta salad, chilli paneer, chilli chicken, grilled fish, mutton seekh kebab, tandoori chicken, and rice. Chocolate cake, rum-infused apple pie, and mint pastries are just some of the sweets that pair well with this cocktail.

o’ be Suave Gin & Tonic

Imagine a contemporary palace filled with exotic plants and flowers from all over the world; our mixologist drew inspiration from the palace’s library to create a Gin & Tonic with a new twist.

Created with Rose-Infused Gin, Cucumber, Tonic Water, and a Touch of Botanicals.

A 330-millilitre bottle contains around 8 per cent alcohol by volume.

You can pair the drink with a variety of appetisers and main dishes, including lamb curry, meatball spaghetti, fish and chips, Indian pickle-based sauce, fresh berries, hard cheese and tarts, chilli mushrooms, truffle marinated olives, parmesan churros, and fried calamari.

It’s also delicious with sweets like strawberry tart, cinnamon buns, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate brownie, and chocolate donuts.

Locations and Contact

The company has outlets in different areas of Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa.


O’be is one of the premium crafted drinks. One who has a love for cocktails should definitely try to taste them and enjoy their richness of them.

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