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Indian Non-Alcoholic Drinks that a Teetotaler can relish!

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At any party, some people can be seen enjoying their drinks, while others are standing aside. They are teetotalers. In such cases, the latter’s options are limited to sugary soft drinks, energy drinks, and juices. Not anymore. 

However, several brands are now entering the market for non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages to provide a better drinking experience. Their USPs are that they are low-calorie and low-sugar drinks. Regular tipplers are also increasing their demand for non-alcoholic beverages for health reasons, giving rise to the concept of ‘mindful drinking.’

Here is the list of Non-alcoholic drinks for you all to try!

1. Kati Patang

This “Kati Patang” will bring lots of “Umang” to your life. So, you don’t have to sing that song” Na Koi Umang Hain…Meri Zindagi Hain Kya, Ek Kati Patang Hain”. This well-known craft beer brand also sells non-alcoholic sparkling beverages. The craft beer company offers three non-alcoholic sparkling cocktail flavours: Not Gin and Tonic, Not Cosmopolitan, and Not Old Fashioned. Each has a distinct flavour derived from natural ingredients and botanicals.

To order: https://katipatang.com/

2. Svami

Mumbai-based Svami is a pioneer in the Indian craft tonic water market. The company recently introduced new non-alcoholic beverages: non-alcoholic Rum & Cola, non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic, and non-alcoholic Pink Gin & Tonic. The brand conducted extensive research and development before releasing these to the market. These drinks are ideal for drinking anytime and for those who value flavour over alcohol consumption. Their non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic is widespread, and it’s made with classic botanicals like juniper and various citruses and berries. It tastes like a gin and tonic, but it contains no alcohol. Svami’s products are sold in India, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

To order: https://svamidrinks.com/ 

3. Coolberg

It is India’s first zero-alcohol beer company, founded in 2016. It was established to serve a new breed of beer drinkers who are modern, trendy, and aspirational. This brand caters to those unable to consume alcohol due to religious and cultural beliefs, as well as lifestyle and health choices, but still want to enjoy the flavour of flavoured beers. Coolberg has six flavours: malt, cranberry, ginger, mint, strawberry, and peach. Their non-alcoholic beers are made by malting barley in water, boiling the brew, and then cooling it. Malt beer is their most popular product. Coolberg’s Malt beer is crisp, bold, and smooth, with toasty notes of barley malts and hops.

To Order: https://coolberg.in/ 

4. Sepoy & Co

Sepoy & Co., located in New Delhi, is well-known for its botanical tonic waters and ginger ale. The brand’s new product line expands its portfolio with a versatile collection of natural, low-calorie lemonades that evoke summer memories. These new refreshing beverages are made from Italian lemon juice and natural flavours such as rose, lemon, pineapple, cardamom, and ginger. Sepoy & Co.’s lemonade line includes three varieties: Classic, Rose, and Tropical Lemonade. 

To Order: https://sepoyandco.com/

5. Missus Sippi

This Mumbai-based brand takes inspiration from all over the country to bring the nostalgic flavours of Indian beverages to the forefront. Among the beverages are Gajar ki Kanji from Punjab, Sol Kadi, Aam Panna, and Kala Khatta from Maharashtra, Tetuler Shorbot (a sweet and sour tamarind drink) from West Bengal, and Panakam from Tamil Nadu.

To Order: https://www.zomato.com/mumbai/missus-sippi-indian-beverages-veera-desai-area/order 

6. & Stirred

Rakesh Sheth, a marketer turned entrepreneur, spent several years in the beverage industry with brands like Diageo and Pernod Ricard before launching his line of premium cocktail mixers after noticing a gap in the market for such high-quality products. And apart from these, the Gurugram-based company also sells ready-to-drink fruity mocktails. Choose from refreshing drinks such as the Mexican Mule, which has spicy, tangy notes, Mountain Mojito, Classic Colada, and a Hibiscus Cosmo.

To order: https://www.andstirred.com/

With the festivities in full swing, which beverage would you choose as your companion?

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