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5 Minutes Midnight Snacks

Indians adore food and will find any excuse to eat something. When you are hungry, you cannot sleep well. Instead of searching your refrigerator, you can quickly prepare various midnight snacks to satisfy your hunger. We have come up with some easy-to-make midnight snacks.

  1. Bread Besan Toast

Bread besan toast is one of the tastiest midnight snacks that can be made quickly. To make this delectable snack, you’ll need besan flour, bread, chopped onions, tomato, coriander, and some spices to make it more chatpata and crispy. Just make a batter of all the ingredients, dip the bread in the batter on both sides and then toast it in a pan with little oil or butter. 

  1. Chilly Cheese Toast

It’s another easy snack and very quick to make. Just take a bowl, add a cup of grated cheese, salt, chilli flakes, and two to three spoons of milk, mix it thoroughly make it a paste. Now spread it on bread and toast it on both sides, or you can microwave it for 1 min. The toast is ready. 

  1. Aloo Bhujia Chaat

It’s an all-time favourite midnight snack. All you need is bhujia, chopped onions, tomato, peaas and coriander; add the spices you like. But don’t forget to add chaat masala. Squeeze a lemon. You are good to go! 

  1. Potato Wedges

Potato wedges are said to be a delicious, flavorful, crisp, and spicy appetizer that is simple to make. It is one of the best midnight snacks and can be deep-fried or baked. 

  1. Mac & Cheese

One of our favourites! You just have to boil the macaroni and strain the excess water. Add butter to a pan, add macaroni, saute it for some time, and add salt and chilly flakes. Now add milk and cheese. Mix it, and there you go, your Mac & Cheese is ready!

There are some quick midnight snacks. You don’t have to be a Master Chef for this. So, satisfy your midnight hunger with these yummy dishes.

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