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The funny origin stories of your many Favourite Foods

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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There are a lot of food items which people love to eat and they were prepared with proper planning for the first time. Whether it be in a family gathering, outing, date night travel, etc they are always craved by the people. But not every food in the world was intended to be made. Some of them are the result of some mistakes made by their makers. And then these dishes turned out to be an instant hit in the world. The food items might have then been given to taste by a small group of people and upon tasting them they turned out to be an instant hit. As a result of this, we can see these products in the market currently dominating the eating habits of the people in the market. 

Here are some of the food products with their origin story.


When discussing important figures from Mexico, one must mention General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, who is best known for his actions at the Battle of the Alamo. He sought to gather money for his return to Mexico after being exiled by peddling chicle as a substitute for rubber. The gum industry was launched when father and son team Thomas Adams and Horatio Adams recognized their product could be made chewable.


I’m sure you’ve heard this tale before: The fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, loved to gamble in his spare time. He requested that his steak be served between two slices of toast so that he could eat with one hand and play poker with the other. His group of pals started getting the same order, and they began calling it the “Montagu Special” in his honour. The greatest thing to happen to bread since, well, bread.


Coca-Cola halted syrup exports to Nazi Germany during WWII. CEO of Germany Max Keith was put in a difficult position because of this. Where would he get the secret Coke syrup to make sodas? Sweeten up whatever he could find (extra fruit, cheese scraps, etc.), sell it, and make money. Its popularity stemmed not from its taste, but from the lack of options available. Coke eventually included Fanta as a staple in its beverage offering.


To tell the truth, spun sugar has been around since the Middle Ages and was already a well-liked sweet treat. The fluffy confection was first created by William J. Morrison and candy maker John C. Wharton, who in 1897 co-patented an “electric candy machine.” What’s the catch? Morrison practised

 dentistry for many years and served as president of the Tennessee State Dental Association. That level of irony hurts my teeth.


During World War II, Ignacio Anaya served as the chief waiter at the Mexican restaurant Victory Club. As a result, when a group of women showed up for lunch one day, and Anaya couldn’t locate the cook, they had to eat out. He made a quick and easy snack out of tortilla chips, cheese, and jalapenos on the fly. The name “nacho” comes from Anaya’s actual moniker. Reasoning that, while corny, is completely plausible.


It wasn’t created there. Baker’s Chocolate worker and American inventor Samuel German is credited with its creation. The original name of the dessert (German’s Chocolate Cake) hinted at its German origins because of the prominent role Baker’s plays in the recipe. You need not fear, however, for this black forest cake is the real deal.


It’s true that many individuals make an effort to eat healthily, but even if they consume an abundance of fruits and vegetables, they could still opt for something more harmful, like cheese puffs. Edward Wilson is responsible for these delicious snacks, which are made by coating puffed corn with cheese or cheese-flavoured powders. Wilson worked in a factory that produced animal feed in the 1930s, and one day he saw some workers pouring corn kernels into a machine to keep it from clogging, which resulted in the kernels becoming puffy ribbons that hardened when they came into contact with air, and he decided to take the ribbons home and season them.


Tofu has a reputation for being tasteless and rubbery, which is logical given its appearance and texture, but there are many tofu dishes that are rather tasty. Even though tofu has 2 separate origin myths, they both centre on an accidental invention, some people still think it’s a new dish when in fact it’s been around for over 2000 years. According to one version of events, nigari was added to a pot of milk and soybeans by accident. Tofu may have originated when some boiling soybeans were combined with contaminated sea salt, causing the soybeans to gel, according to a different story.

Now that we have told you about the origin story of these food products. Whenever you will have a taste of these products you will remember the story about their origin and have a smile on your face. Happy Munching! 

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