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A complete guide to greek cuisine: popular dishes and famous places to enjoy its delicacies

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Greek cuisine is a part of Greek culture and regional traditions. It has been present since ancient times, and the food got influenced by Rome and some parts of Europe. Greek cuisine is prepared using some local ingredients: cheese, honey, olive oil, fish, meat, and muesli. This cuisine is a mixture of different cultures and authentic traditions. A perfect blend of cheese, oils, herbs, and grilled meat makes Greek cuisine different from others.

Greeks like their food loaded with vegetables and with less meat. Lamb and seafood are preferred, and some dishes can even have a rabbit.

Greek food is easy to make and looks colourful and attractive. Greek food is also considered healthy for the heart because they use olive oil, lean meats, fish, and herbs in their dishes.

Greek food is super tasty, and one of the main reasons is the diversity of their dishes, which were influenced by other countries. A nice blend of herbs and spices makes it taste delightful and delicious.

Here are some of the famous dishes from the Greek menu:


It is one of the most traditional dishes in Greek cuisine. Meat is cooked in tomato sauce until it becomes creamy and juicy. Then it is topped with fried eggplant and sauce.


It is known as Greek lasagna. Baking sheets of pasta are stuffed with minced meat, tomato sauce, and some spices. Melted cheese is poured over it to make it look prettier and taste yummier.


It is basically a Greek salad, which is famous and loved by everyone. Diced cucumber, olives, tomatoes, and cheese are combined and topped with a generous amount of olive oil. Salt and pepper

Here is a list of places where you can go and enjoy your favourite Greek food with your friends and family:

Olive Bar & Kitchen

Mile 6, One Style, and Kalka Das

Marg, Seth Sarai, Mehrauli, New

Delhi, Delhi 110030


Building 3, Local Shopping

Complex, GK 2, Main Rd., Masjid

Moth, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Mohan Chaap Wale

34, Aaram Park, near Jagat Puri,

Ram Nagar, Delhi, 110051

All the above-mentioned places served high-class Greek food that was full of flavour. The food is prepared with love, and hygiene is taken care of.

If you are a Greek food fan, you should definitely go there and try the delicious food and enjoy the atmosphere and vibes of these restaurants.

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