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NGOs fighting to create a Hunger-free India

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Have you ever thought about the people who craved for food during the Covid 19 pandemic? During the pandemic, there were a large number of people in the subcontinent who had to stay hungry for a huge number of days. And due to this, a lot of deaths occurred because either the immunity of these people fell to very low levels making them vulnerable to the virus or they died of hunger. The period was a complete crisis.

Not only during the covid but in normal times also, there is a large population of India who sleeps hungry irrespective of whether they work or not.

To solve this constant problem of individuals being unable to have food, the Non-Profitable organisation Feeding Ngo has volunteered.

The non-profit organisation Feeding India by Zomato works to alleviate hunger in India’s unserved villages by developing strategies to address the issue.

Zomato and Feeding India (officially known as Hunger Heroes) joined up in January 2019 to fight hunger and malnutrition in India.

Everything is being done to increase the number of individuals who have access to better meals. We are striving to bring about a large-scale, systemic change in the nutrition landscape of India through our focused interventions on child and maternal malnutrition.

Daily Feeding Program

India has made great strides, yet a lot of people are still at risk of being hungry. The problem of food insecurity in our country has been greatly complicated by the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

When the pandemic’s terrible effects became apparent, Feeding India by Zomato created the program. The neediest families started receiving daily meal support through the Daily Feeding Program at the beginning of January 2021.

To date, Feeding India has distributed over 4.3 crore meals through this initiative, with a primary focus on alleviating hunger among the most marginalised members of society. Over 140 non-profit organisations in 40 U.S. cities have helped make this possible.

Problem being addressed

A vicious circle of poverty, slow economic progress, and health concerns are perpetuated by the prevalence of child malnutrition across the country. Poor maternal health and inadequate nutrition throughout a kid’s first few years are the main causes of India’s high child mortality rate. One in three Indian children is underweight, according to the NFHS-5 report for that country in 2021.


We on behalf of the hungry population of the country plead to you to help in a good cause by donating to the organisation. Here’s how your donations will be used.

  • One meal typically costs around Rs 15 to make.
  • Through careful research, Feeding India finds reputable non-profits working in the education field and forms partnerships with them to implement the Daily Feeding Program in low-income schools.
  • The association’s needs are determined after an accurate assessment has been conducted.
  • The meals provided through the programme are the result of a carefully crafted menu that takes into account the preferences of the local population.
  • Key programme characteristics including attendance and nutritional assessment are tracked and analysed by the Feeding India team.
  • Each step is calculated to maximise the impact of the food and to supplement the knowledge given to the recipients.


Some of the corporate donors for the NGO are-

  • Sangeetha
  • OAK Foundation
  • The Global FoodBanking Network

Having told you about this organization and the work they are doing for the betterment of the Indian community, we encourage you to provide a helping hand to them. You can do this by donating them. It’s not necessary that you donate a very large amount, even a small amount can help them in their good work.

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