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Try these Winter-special dinner foods that will make you and your family go yum…

Winter is approaching, and with it, our appetite is also increasing. We all love to eat warm food during winter nights because it makes us feel cosy and comfy. This winter, forget about calories and dig into all the yummy dishes that are made specifically for winter nights.

Enjoy your soups with foods that will taste even better this season. The chilly weather affects our clothing as well as our food preferences. There are many dishes that will help you keep yourself warm and improve your immunity too. There are dishes specifically made during the winter so that you stay cheerful throughout the day.

Along with the consumption of all these yummy delicacies, we should also take in good amounts of nutrients from these delicious foods.

Here are some dishes that you can enjoy with your family and friends that will keep you warm and also seduce your taste buds.


Nihari is cooked with beef or mutton with soupy gravy, which is a perfect option for dinner as well as breakfast. It takes quite a long time to make nihari until the meat is soft and tender, at which point it will just melt in your mouth. The flavours and aroma of nihari are truly irresistible. It is garnished with coriander, green chillies, and ginger, which makes it taste better. You can eat nihari with puri or butter naan.

Paya shorba

Paya shorba is no less than a treat for non-vegetarians. It is a soupy mutton dish made with a handful of spices and yoghurt. A nice warm bowl of Paya shorba is all you need on a chilled winter night for dinner. It is served with naans and rotis.


Thukpa is an Indo-Tibetan dish. The noodles are served with a hot broth, which will definitely add warmth to you. It can be served with a dash of lime and garam masala, which will eventually increase its taste.

Along with these, you can’t miss a warm bowl of gajar ka halwa and some other soupy dishes. Enjoy your dinner, and in the end, eat some dessert that will lift your mood and make you feel cosier and happier.

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