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To Try: Unique Cuisines for dinner to satisfy your Vegetarian Appetite


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The world is a very big place for a large number of individuals. And among those individuals a huge number of people are vegetarians. Vegetarians are those who stay away from diets that contain fish, eggs, chicken, and other non-veg food. Sometimes a complete family can be vegetarian, while in other conditions there might be possible that only one or two members of the family are vegetarian. 

To cater to the vegetarian public either at home or at a party, different cuisines have dishes that cater to vegetarians. They have only vegetarian dishes and sometimes optional nonvegetarian ingredients.

Some of the cuisines which can serve vegetarians and are global are mentioned below-


1. Ethiopian

Start with Ethiopian if you’re seeking a gastronomic adventure. The meal is tasty, rich, and generally healthful. The majority of the recipes have a stew-like consistency and are always served with injera—a soft, spongy flatbread produced from teff flour and eaten by the basketful. Aside from being extremely addictive, injera also serves a utilitarian purpose: it is your tool. It is used to scoop up your main course. Injera, like many of the culture’s traditional meals, is already vegan. 

Some other options in the cuisine are Atakilt Wat (potatoes, carrots, and cabbage), Misir Wot (red lentil stew), Gomen (stewed collard greens), Fasolia (stewed green beans), Kik Alicha (split pea stew).

2. South Indian

Sometimes it is not always about having a go at the non-veg, maybe munching on vegetarian dishes like rice and dosa might give more satisfaction. Southern Indian cuisine is significantly less reliant on animal products than Northern Indian cuisine, making it simpler for vegetarians to enjoy without concern. South Indian cuisine is also easier to prepare than nonvegetarian dishes. 

Some of the dishes of the South Indian cuisine are sambar (tamarind-spiced lentil and vegetable stew), dosas (a crepe-like flatbread served either stuffed or plain), Idli (fermented and steamed rice and lentil cake), and various curries and chutneys.

3. Mediterranean

Mediterranean dishes are mostly plant-based because of this a lot of practitioners and diet gurus have been in favour of munching dishes from this cuisine. The beverages offered are vegan but have a great taste.

Some of the dishes of the cuisine are a platter of roasted peppers, charred eggplant, creamy hummus, briny olives, refreshing tabouli, cucumber salad, falafel pita sandwich, and warm, fluffy pita bread.

4. Korean

In traditional Korean cuisine, nonvegetarian dishes had a lot of dominance but in the current world, the cuisine has a better emphasis on Vegetarian dishes. Due to this a large number of Korean restaurants offer vegetarian dishes which are vegan also.

Some of the vegetarian dishes in the cuisine are tofu stew, mandu (steamed dumplings), japchae (stir-fried sweet potato noodles), bibimbap (crispy rice and veggie bowl), and banchan (traditional Korean small side dishes ranging from kimchi, pickled daikon, mung bean, and stewed potatoes).

5. Chinese Hot Pot

Hot pot is a cuisine for those who love to have a lot of vegetables in their food. The cuisine is a bit difficult to replicate in the house. The principle is straightforward: select your protein, broth, sauce, and white or brown rice. It comes with two large plates of raw veggies (mostly tofu, napa cabbage, baby corn, mushrooms, kabocha squash, broccoli, carrots, and onions), as well as a large bowl of seasoned broth to cook them in, a variety of dipping sauces, and a generous serving of steaming rice.

The cuisine has one of the most delicious tastes which is quite difficult to be replicated in one’s house.

Some other cuisines which have vegetarian-specific dishes are Burmese, Southern Italian, and Mexican. 

Having told you about the different cuisines, we hope that you have found the perfect cuisine for serving the vegetarian public and will not have any kind of problem in the future.

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