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The Story and Must-Try types of Shahi Tukda: India’s Favourite for Iftar Parties

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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There are several possible explanations for where Shahi Tukda came from, but one possibility is that it was inspired by a meal called Um Ali, a baked bread pudding made by combining stale wheat bread, nuts, milk, and sugar. Eish es Serny, commonly known as the palace bread, is a type of bread pudding popular in the Middle East.

When making Eish es Serny, a loaf of bread is dried till it is crispy. After drying, it is sliced and cooked over low heat in a honey-sugar syrup. A topping of Arq-e-Gulab and caramelized gold is added before serving.

The Mughals are credited with introducing it to India. Shahi Tukda appears to have been the Mughal emperors’ beverage of choice during the holy month of Ramadan, as evidenced by its popularity during the era. Even now, in modern times, Northern sections of the country favour the sweet dish Shahi Tukda for iftar.

It has also been suggested that the Shahi Tukda is a dessert with mughaliya roots, with its origins in the city of Hyderabad.

During Ramadan, the narrow streets of Old Delhi are filled with the intoxicating aroma of sugar syrup and the pungent scent of genuine desi ghee from Shahi Tukda. Ample amounts of ghee, cream, and almonds are topped with a heaping helping of rabdi. The perfect ending to any dinner is a serving of shahi tukda, which is typically served with mango ice cream or rabri.

Here are some of the different types of Shahi Tukdas one can have-

1. Mango Shahi Tukda

Traditionally, bread and a sweet milk mixture called rabri are used to make Shahi Tukda, a type of bread pudding. Traditionally, dried fruits and nuts are sprinkled atop this Indian sweet. Mangoes add a unique flavour to this traditional treat. This refreshing summer delicacy consists of fried, crisp bread that has been drenched in sugar syrup and topped with a delectable mango puree.

2. Shahi Tukda With Rabri

Do you want to experience the deliciousness of two sweets in one? The recipe calls for fried bread cubes to be covered in rabri and topped with cashews. A sweet treat is often served during special events.

3. Shahi Tukda With Apricot Sheera

Shahi tukda with apricot sheera is another one-of-a-kind dish you have to taste. A layer of apricot compote and a layer of mascarpone cream complement golden slices of fried bread bathed in a warm thick custard cream. The traditional shahi tukda is re-heated in a rich custard cream and topped with apricot compote and mascarpone. It will make you drool for sure.

4. Khubani Ka Shahi Tukda

The dish known as khubani ka shahi tukda is packed with flavorful ingredients. Stuffed with apricots and rabri, every bite is a luxurious treat. If you want to show off your baking skills to your friends and family, make this sweet treat.

5. Shahu Tukda With Pineapple

This sweet treat combines shahi tukda and pineapple, as the name says. Between two layers of candied ginger and pineapple lies bread flavoured with saffron. Sprinkle some pistachios on top and some silver foil, and then dig in!

Now that we have told you of some of the variations of Shahi Tukda we recommend you try them out. Tell us which one was your favourite and if you have a recipe of your own, please share it with us. Also if you have any place where you can have this tasty treat, do let us know on;  mailto:review@snackfax.com

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