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Presenting Luscious Delicacies Straight From North-East India


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Our bucket list generally includes visiting foreign countries and having the local food of that particular place. Ok, Now we have a question for everyone. Do we know our own country? Have you explored India thoroughly? Can you tell the staple foods of different regions of India? We know exactly what’s going on in your head, North- Paranthe, South- Idly Dosa, West- Khakra, Thepla, Purna poli, dal Bati churma; from the east, we only know about Bengal; what about the eight sisters states? We have the slightest idea about the NorthEastern states of India. It is a place renowned for its magical beauty and bewildering diversity. Northeast India is home to more than 166 separate tribes speaking different languages, and what can we say about their culinary journey? Each state has a particular palate and its regional dish. 

The North-East of our nation is a stunning and thrilling feast you have never heard of. The flavours of the North East just melt in your mouth, and they are not rich in masalas; their food is bland yet aromatic. You can experience the specifically selected delicacies from each state in just one complete bite. These 8 delicious treats from the 8 sisters of North-East India will leave you drooling and longing for much more, so if you’re looking for something new and adventurous and are in the mood for a gastronomic journey, check them out!

Before telling you about the famous delicacies of the North Eastern states of India, Do you know the capitals of these states? HAHAHA…. Almost everyone used to leave this part, and we know many of you did the same thing. Ok, now jokes apart! Can we skip to the good part? Let’s get started.

Arunachal Pradesh: Itanagar

Every tribe in Arunachal Pradesh contributes its unique dishes to the state’s culinary landscape, reflecting its incredible diversity. Every food served has been handed down through the years, and the flavours tell a tale about the native Arunachal Pradesh. 

The staple food of Arunachal Pradesh is rice, which is either boiled or smoked. They eat a lot of purely boiled or steamed leafy vegetables, seafood, and meat, with the bamboo shoot being one of the main elements.

  • Chura Sabji 

Everyone enjoys Chura Sabji, one of the most well-known meals in Arunachal Pradesh. Essentially, this meal is a soup or a curry prepared from fermented cheese derived from either yak or cow’s milk. Flakes of King Chilly often referred to as bhut jolokia or raja mircha locally, are added to the meal to make it spicy.

  • Apong

The state’s local, mild, and traditional rice beer is called apong. It is readily available throughout the state and is produced by drying, smoking, fermenting, and filtering a rice mixture. It is traditionally sipped from a bamboo shoot.

Assam: Dispur

Amazingly delectable culinary pleasures can be found in Assam. Assam is a multicultural fusion pot of numerous tribes and indo-mangol-Burmese immigration. These meals come in various flavours, including sweet, savoury, salty, and sour. 

  • Masor Tenga 

Fish lovers, Try it! The Assamese dish consists of delicious river fish boiled in a tomato-based sauce base that is sour with the inclusion of lime and the regional delicacy Ou or elephant apple. Many people and visitors in Assam like eating this cuisine with hot steamed rice. This Assamese dish is highly sour and acidic on its own, but when it is slowly cooked, it turns mellow and gives off a distinctive scent, developing a flavour everyone likes.

Nagaland: Kohima

Nagaland’s cuisine is renowned for its simplicity and variety. Being one of India’s most significant states in the northeastern region, it is a popular tourist destination because of its stunning landscape and, most notably, its cuisine. Naga cuisine is hot since they enjoy the most well-known king chilli (raja mircha in the North East).

  • Smoked pork in Akhuni

The soybean, also known as akhuni or axone in the Naga language, is one of the most common ingredients in Naga cuisine. Akhuni is typically purchased as a cake-like powder and added to foods. This cuisine is a pork stew that has been given a unique flavour by adding akhuni.

Manipur: Imphal

Due to its stunning surroundings, it’s been called “the Jewelled Land.” The traditional Manipuri dance, the Ras Lila, was created there. In addition, Manipur is renowned for its delectable cuisine. Manipur’s cuisine is regarded as having very nutritious ingredients. Their meals are straightforward but delicious. Most of the components they utilize are organic, adding to the health benefit.

  • Chamthong or Kangshoi

It is a tasty and heavy vegetable stew particularly well-liked in Manipur. It has seasonal vegetables cooked with sliced onions, cloves, salt, garlic, maroi (a herb found locally), and ginger. This dish is paired up with rice or fish and served hot.

Meghalaya: Shillong

Like its counterparts, Meghalaya in the northeast is known for its pork and bamboo shoot dishes. But what sets it apart from other sister states is the great variety of sweet meals it provides.

  • Pukhlein

It is powdered rice that is sweetened with jaggery. A thick paste is created by frying the jaggery and rice mixture together in the pan. The extensive range of meat dishes goes best with the golden brown crispy rice, which offers a nice palate-soothing break. Pukhlein is simple and tasty.

Tripura: Agartala

Tripura, one of India’s smallest states, is not smaller than other states, especially regarding food and delicacy. Tripura’s rich culinary heritage and culture speak for themselves, and Mui Borok is one such speciality.

  • Mui Borok and Chuwarak 

When dining in Tripura, mui borok, a traditional fish dish, will always be on your plate. It is also referred to as “Berma,” and it is dried and fermented fish prepared without any oil, making it very healthful. Because Burma has a salty and spicy flavour, it will improve your taste buds. On the other side, Chuwarak is the state’s iconic scotch and champagne, the ideal complement to your fish.

Mizoram: Aizawl

Mizoram is not a very well-known state, but that does not mean that its cuisine lags. Mizoram’s cuisine can be characterized as a fusion of North Indian and Chinese ingredients. A lovely fusion of distinctive flavours.

  • Panch Phoran Tarka 

One of the most well-known foods in this state is a meal referred to as Panch Phoran Tarka. Its appeal to a broader range of individuals is increased because it can be prepared with vegetarian options or a non-vegetarian feast for meat eaters. In the vegetarian variant, potatoes, pumpkins, and brinjal are used. The non-vegetarian version primarily uses chicken in its preparation. True to its name, this fiery tarta is tasty.

Sikkim: Gangtok

Sikkim’s cuisine will entrap you and steal your soul, forcing you to return to it often. Sikkim’s cuisine is a delectable fusion of Nepalese, Tibetan, and local Sikkimese dishes.

  • Sha Phaley 

The fusion of three cultures on a plate is utterly mouth-watering. In the delicious Tibetan meal Sha Phaley, bread is stuffed with ground beef and cabbage, shaped into semicircles, and then deep-fried.

These eight dishes, unique to these eight Northeastern states, are likely to be unfamiliar to you. They are one-of-a-kind and must be tried at least once, and if you are a foodie like us, you should not pass up the opportunity to visit the northeast and witness these sinful delicacies!

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