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Must-Watch Movies That Will Make You Want to Cook


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Have a passion for cooking delicious food items but lack the energy and encouragement to do so, then friends here are some of the movies which are the best in motivating you deep down to go follow your passion for cooking. Movies can be a great medium of entertainment but, what many have not realized is that movies can also act as a medium of encouragement to people who want to fulfill their dreams.

Here are a few movies which will encourage individuals to follow their passion for cooking and who knows, the person might become the next Masterchef.

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love is a self-discovery story about a freshly divorced woman traveling through Italy, India, and Bali. But for self-proclaimed foodies, this film offers two hours and twenty wonderful minutes of ogling over Julia Roberts’ mounds of spaghetti and gelato. That is amore.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Amateur and professional chefs alike will agree that the classic kitchen scene is so cringe-worthy that we just want to climb through the screen and teach Mrs. Doubtfire a thing or two about cooking. But, hey, we have to hand it to the undercover housekeeper for making takeout appear just as good as a home-cooked meal.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

We could go on and on about gyros, baklava, and tzatziki sauce, but carnivores would agree that the best moment of My Big Fat Greek Wedding is when Aunt Voula unexpectedly says, “What do you mean he doesn’t eat no meat? That’s all right. “I cook lamb!” And, Toula, we think moussaka is far superior to a Wonder Bread sandwich.


From “Strawberry Chocolate Oasis Pie” to “Spaghetti Pie” to the, well, unusual “I Can’t Have No Affair Because It’s Wrong and I Don’t Want Earl to Kill Me Pie,” Waitress will provide plenty of dessert ideas. Or how about a huge helping of “Kick in the Pants Pie?” Need some pie inspiration? Try these out.

Babette’s Feast

Anyone planning a dinner party should see Babette’s Feast right away. The 1987 film, set in a 19th-century Danish town, reminds us of the power of a good meal. Consider it a thorough guide to creating the party of the year, with everything from traditional tablescapes to flowing food and wine.

Paris Can Wait

Paris Can Wait makes us want to pack our bags and jet off to the French Riviera, snacking on prosciutto and melon and enjoying an unplanned picnic with grapes, cheese, and wine. But, since that’s easier said than done, we’ll make do with a wonderfully curated cheese and charcuterie board. If the delectable pictures don’t whet your appetite, the foodie-friendly one-liners will. “Food is good for the soul,” says Jacques. We couldn’t put it better ourselves.


Curl up with Chocolat and let your inner chocoholic loose. This film is chock-full of dishes to fulfill your sweet taste, from chili-infused hot chocolate to bite-sized nibs. And, with our selection of sweet, chocolaty treats, you may convert your kitchen into a patisserie.

These movies are some of the best movies in the segment. These movies will promote you to be the one who goes out of the box and decides to follow their passion instead of being the usual boring self. Also, make sure that you have a handful of food present with you when you are watching these movies because they are sure to make you hungry.

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