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Move Over lacha Paratha! Treat Your little ones With a Pink Parantha.

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How about having piping hot Aloo Parathas with Curd, Dhaniya Ki Chutney and lots and lots of Makhan during winter? A perfect breakfast for lazy Sundays! There’s no better way to kickstart a chilly winter morning, than savouring the flavour of a happy meal, which is truly soul-satiating.

As someone famous said,  “Aloo Paratha is not just food; it’s an emotion”. A Garam Garam Paratha is associated with many memories, memories of our childhood when mommy used to feed us one straight coming out from her tawa to our plate, memories of college days, Jab Bhi Mess Ke Khane Ne Dhoka Diya, Aloo ka Parathe Ne Sath Nibhaya! With many such memories, Aloo Parathas is our all-time favourite food. But have you ever tried Pink Aloo Paratha? Yes Yes! You can make not only pink, but you can also give many variations to your traditional Aloo Paratha and create beautiful memories for your kids. 

Let’s get started without wasting any time!!!

Pink Aloo Paratha: A Recipe You will Rejoice

This Paratha will bring a healthy twist to your regular aloo ka paratha. Natural, nutritious beetroot will take care of the pink colour of the Paratha. So all the Mommies over there, if your kids are not interested in eating Beetroot, try to feed them like this. Just grind Beetroot, make a paste and add it to your wheat flour; knead the dough with this, Tada! Your pink dough is ready; stuff it with aloo and roast it. Your pink Aloo Paratha is ready! 

Aloo Cheese Paratha

Say Cheese! By just listening to the name ‘cheese’, you start drooling, right? Try making Aloo Cheese Paratha. It is like a multi-starrer movie, two superhit heroes in the same film, and the best part is both cheese and Aloo go very well together. The cheese and also inside these delectable parathas will melt in your mouth, leaving you wanting more, and it is also very easy to make. Just add lots of grated cheese to your regular aloo stuffing, mix it and make your parathas while roasting; you can see the cheese oozing out of the Paratha. While we love you having this amazing treat, we recommend having this delectable combo once a week! 

Kalonji Aloo Paratha

Kalonji, also known as onion seeds, are generally added to snacks like samosas. It gives a unique taste to the dish. So why not add it in aloo paratha? It’s a great addition as the flavour of kalonji takes the Paratha to the next level, trust us! You can make this Paratha in three ways: add kalonji in the dough, knead it, and make it or you can add it to your stuffing that you will fill in the Paratha. If you are putting Kalonji in the stuffing, give it a good roast. You can also garnish it on the top of the paratha before taking it off the tawa. The flavour of roasted kalonji and aloo paratha is heavenly. You can include kalonji in aloo ka paratha and give a new twist to it.

Palak Aloo Paratha

You guessed it right! You can call this green aloo paratha too! For all those picky eaters, if you can’t have spinach directly, have this. It won’t feel anything as if you have spinach. Same as pink Paratha, make a puree of palak, mix it in the dough, and then stuff the aloo and roast it. Your palak Aloo Ka Paratha is ready!

Groundnut Aloo Paratha

Give a Crunchy twist to your regular soft aloo paratha! You might be wondering, how can groundnut and also be together in a paratha, as one among the two is so hard. Just do it as we say and thank us later, just fry the groundnuts in a kadhai without any oil. Once it is cooled down, peel off the outer cover of the groundnut, and give a pulse in a mixer grinder to the nuts. You should have a crunchy powder-like substance. Now mix this with aloo stuffing and roll the parathas, be careful while rolling it out, don’t press too much and once it is done, roast the parathas. That’s it; your crunchy aloo paratha is ready.

Black Pepper Aloo Paratha

Uff Uff Mirchi! Yes! You are going to do this after eating this Kali Mirch ka paratha. But You know what, in the chilling winter, eating such stuff will warm you up! So this winter, instead of having kali mirch in your Kadha, have it in your Aloo Ka Paratha. Add pepper powder to your aloo stuffing and other spices and roll out the parathas. This is it!

So these are some of the twists you can give your regular Aloo ka Paratha. Do try out all the varieties and share your experience with us at Review@snackfax.com. if you have such amazing recipes, please feel free to share them with us and become a contributor on Snackfax.com.

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