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Eastern Flavours: Try Bengal’s best-kept dishes on your next visit.

Hi, friends, tumi bhalo? Let’s accept, we all have tried our hands at speaking Bengali simply because it is one of the sweetest languages of your country. Well, while learning Bengali can take a lifetime eating Bengali food is the closest to experiencing Bengali culture. West Bengal is well-known from many cultural standpoints, food being the most popular one. While Rosogullas, Chomchom, and Rasamalai have been synonyms for Bengali food, the list does not end here.

Here are some delicious, offbeat, dishes which you should definitely try when you visit West


● Ilish Macher Jhol

Hilsa or ilish fish curry is one of the region's most popular fish dishes. The pungent-smellingcurry is  cooked with Nigella seeds and chili to provide the necessary balance that makes it so excellent. You must try this as it is a staple cuisine in West Bengal.

● Tangra Macher Jhol

Everyone is aware that Bengal has a diverse range of freshwater and saltwater fishes. The Tangra fish is essentially a catfish found in the region's freshwater bodies. The fish is prepared with freshly ground spices which makes the curry both light on the stomach and delicious.

● Mutton Biryani

Biryani is a favorite in almost every region of the country. Each with its own set of cooking techniques, species, and preparation. The mutton biryani of Bengal is absolute bliss, filled with the wonderful aroma of spices and ghee. This delicious recipe has juicy, delicate pieces of mutton fried with the biryani on a Tava. Biryani in Bengal is mostly prepared with potatoes and eggs which is different from other regional rice dishes.

● Doi Maach

Doi maach is a hearty fish curry. Tender slices of fish are cooked in a relaxing yogurt sauce with moderate spices. When served with plain rice, it tastes the finest. It is a must-try dish of Bengal which is truly an explosion of flavor and taste.

● Bengali Mishti Pulao

Bengal is well-known for its milk-based delicacies, milk fudge, and cheese. Basmati rice is just as popular as the delicious Mishti Pulao. Green cardamom, bay leaf, and cloves flavor the pulao. The addition of ghee or clarified butter elevates this dish from a simple rice dish to an opulent addition to your dinner table.

The above list makes it clear, we clearly have a lot to learn about Bengali food and culture and must try cuisines beyond the popular ones. Makes sure you explore more and tag us when you try our recommendations. Happy Eating!

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