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Check out these Bakeries for Ginger Bread and Holiday Cookies

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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The taste combination of ginger, spices, and molasses in this cookie makes it ideal for making gingerbread men. We roll it out to a slightly thicker consistency than usual in order to impart a touch of chewiness to the cookies. Although ginger is most commonly associated with the flavors of winter baking, we’ve discovered that it goes particularly well with a number of different fruits. Try some gingerbread cookies served with fresh sliced peaches or a peach crumble covered with gingerbread crumbs. Ginger and peach is a particularly beautiful combo.

Now that we have told you a bit about one of the best cookies which exist in the world, we are sure that you will be eager to taste them. Well, there are 2 ways to do so, either you make them on your own which might be a tiring process or else you can go for ordering them. We suppose that you would love to eat them as early as possible so here are a few places where one can get them.

Flury’s, Kolkata

When you enter this Park Street institution’s Art Deco doors and smell sugar and fresh pastry, you know you’re in for a treat. The correct bakery is always packed with customers ordering rum balls, chocolate boats, cakes, quiches, and puff pastries. You can get a full English, huevos rancheros, or the famous club sandwich from the sit-down menu or take it to go. The loyal who queue up outside doesn’t seem to mind that the menu hasn’t changed in years. First-timers must visit Park Street Flury’s.

Jila Bakery, Goa

This hidden gem can be found in a charming but unremarkable-looking villa not far from Majorda Beach. For the best selection of the bakery’s famed chocolate eclairs, plum and banana cakes, cashew biscuits, and formin has, you’ll want to arrive first thing in the morning. Although most Goans buy their supplies to go, the modest shop does have a porch where you may sit and enjoy them.

Kayani Bakery, Pune

If you’ve ever gone to Pune or have friends who live there, you’ve probably had these famous Shrewsberry cookies. Here you may find cookies flavored in anything from peanut butter to ginger, coconut, cardamom, and dozens of others. The mawa cake is a must-try; it’s so tender and fluffy you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Locals have been coming here since the restaurant debuted in 1955, and they don’t simply come when they’re in the mood to splurge. Loaves, bread rolls, buns, and sponge cakes are among the staples at the bakery. The furniture and fixtures are serviceable and have an endearingly retro vibe. Customers select items from a chalkboard menu, put their orders at the store’s original wooden counter, then wait while their purchases are packaged.

McRennett, Chennai

Customers have been forming lines outside of the bakery ever since it started using its ovens in the year 1903 in order to purchase its delicious bread, egg puffs, glazed doughnuts, hot-cross buns, and plum cakes. You are never too far away from getting your fill of the buttercream cakes that this business is also famous for because the bakery now has a number of locations throughout the city.

An image showing a plate full of Ginger Bread Cookies

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