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Awesome Dips and Spreads to try at home! 

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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Are you done with all those boring and dry sandwiches? It’s time to change the game and make everything more interesting for you. We all know and agree to the point that there are some scrumptious spreads available in the market that can be a game changer for your sandwiches and help in adding the kickass flavour to your bread. Sometimes you can feel all tired and hungry at the same time, this is the perfect time you put the use of these spreads and make some quick and luscious DIY sandwiches for yourself and your family.

We have curated a list of 3 spreads that are available online, use them and enhance the taste and texture of the sandwiches. 

  1. Veeba Cheese and Chilli Sandwich Spread

The delectable vegetarian sandwich spread is all set the make some delicious sandwiches and serves perfectly with fries too. This sandwich spread combines the flavours of cheese and chilli, making the sandwiches hot and delicious. You may also use this spread to make garlic bread and other dishes.

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  1. Del Monte Eggless Mayonnaise

If you don’t want to add any other flavours to your sandwich and just want to maintain the base creamy, the greatest thing you can add is some mayonnaise. Del Monte’s mayonnaise is a popular choice in the Indian market because it is high in Vitamin E and has no artificial colours. You may use it as a dip with your fried foods in addition to using it on sandwiches and other great snacks. 

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  1. Del Monte Sandwich Spread

el Monte is another well-known brand in India, offering a wide range of food goods such as spreads and sauces. The band’s sandwich spread is made with vegetable oil, water, jalapenos, tomato ketchup, sugar, salt, garlic powder, and other ingredients to give it a great taste and creamy texture. After opening, keep the pouch in the refrigerator but do not freeze it.

This spread has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture.

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Try out these delicious spreads and relish the sandwiches and fries with them. You can also try out some choco spreads like Nutella and Amul choco spreads if you are craving something sweet, just spread them on your favourite bread and you are good to go!

Happy snacking you all! 

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