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5 Globally known Indian snacks.

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5 Globally known Indian snacks

You can travel to India in any direction and you’ll find a completely new and exciting cuisine, one that’s adapted to the local climate and traditions. The food of India reflects the country’s many regional customs and civilizations. The cuisine as a whole has been affected by these. Rice is the staple food in the southern and eastern regions of India, while wheat is the staple food in the northern region. Since every part of India has its own unique take on Indian food, the country’s menus now reflect that.

We’ve compiled a list of such snacks that are well-known all across the world. Take a peek!


A tasty, crispy flatbread called khakhra has its roots in the Indian state of Gujarat. Wheat flour, mat bean, and oil are used in its preparation. Very common in Indian breakfasts due to its nutritious and tasty composition. The best way to enjoy its flavour is to prepare it properly. A sweet version of khakhra is possible by adding ghee and sugar to the mix.


North Indian region is the birthplace of the savory, crispy Indian noodle-like delicacy made from gram flour and seasoned with spices like ajwain and turmeric before being deep-fried in oil. Its fame has spread to every corner of the nation. Sev is a popular Middle Eastern snack that gets its name from the thread-like look of the food, which is why the word sev, which implies stitching, is assumed to be the origin of the term sev. It’s a widely consumed snack in India and is second only to peanuts in popularity in the country.

Dry Samosa

Anyone who identifies as Indian, whether they were born in India or elsewhere, considers samosas to be the best Indian food ever. It’s crispy, and it comes in a variety of flavors. These fried triangle pastries can be filled with a variety of ingredients, including onions, lentils, spicy potatoes, peas, or ground beef. Through ancient trading connections from Central Asia, India should have acquired the famed golden-brown cuisine. These tasty triangles go well with mint, coriander, tamarind, chopped onions, yogurt, or even fresh homemade Indian chutneys.

Banana Chips

Banana chips’ first iteration can be traced all the way back to the Indian state of Kerala. You can add sugar or honey to them for a sweet taste, or fry them in oil and spices for a savory or spicy one. Typically, banana chips are created by deep-frying thin slices of unripe banana in either sunflower or coconut oil. Nenthra-kaaya oopperi, vazhaykka upperi, and upperi are all names for fried plantain chips in the Keralan language. 

Masala Peanuts

Do you prefer spicy, fried snacks over dry ones? Palli pakodi is one of the most exciting snacks you’ve ever had, and you’ll enjoy every bite of it. This delicious South Indian snack is made with groundnut, green chile, gram flour, and garlic. Curry leaves and other fragrant spices are used as a coating. It pairs wonderfully with a variety of beverages and condiments. 

Some snacky end

No matter which country you belong to, anyone who tires Indian snacks is bound to love its flavor and mouthwatering essence. Can’t believe you haven’t tried these Indian party snacks yet? Fear not! Sweet Karam Coffee offers the lowest pricing in town on all of India’s most beloved traditional delicacies.

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