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5 Foods that will enhance your eyesight

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Spending hours in front of the screen is like a normal routine for us. But the harmful and hazardous effects it causes cannot be neglected. Screen time makes our eyes puffy, and fatigue occurs.

Here are some food sources that you can incorporate into your diet for better eye care. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet results in good overall health as well as good eye health. You can avoid some serious eye issues by consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals. There are certain foods that can naturally help improve your eyesight.


Consuming fish, especially salmon is a great food option for good eye health. Fish have plenty of fatty acids and omega-2 fatty acids, which help in improving your vision development and also make the retina stronger. It also helps combat dry and itchy eyes.


Eggs are a great superfood that you can eat and get unlimited benefits from. The yolk has vitamin A and zinc, which are excellent for the eyes. Zinc also helps with seeing better at night and contributes to the better health of the retina.


Like every nut, almonds are extremely good for improving eyesight. Almonds have vitamin E, which helps make your eyes and vision better.

Dairy products

Dairy products like milk and yoghurt are brilliant sources of food that help maintain your eye health. They contain vitamin A as well as zinc. Both are extremely important for vision. They help with night vision and the prevention of cataracts, too.


Carrots are well known and most famous for being essential for good eyesight. Vitamins present in carrots help prevent eye infections and serious eye-related problems. Vitamin A and beta-carotene help with good eyesight.

Apart from this, water is supremely beneficial for better vision, and drinking sufficient amounts of it throughout the day makes your eyesight better and clearer. Use sunglasses while going out, as the UV rays are very harmful to the eyes.

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