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The Snackfax Guide to decide the best Mixer for your Kitchen: Things to Consider and Best Products


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I was wondering if you had tried your hand at the kitchen. If so, you probably already know that there is a wide range of kitchen appliances and gadgets available that may make your life much simpler when cooking. The mixer is a vital piece of equipment.

When it comes to mixing, a portable electric mixer can do the job much more quickly and easily than a traditional whisk. It’s easy to overlook the hand mixer in favour of the more obvious stand mixer, but don’t be fooled: both are indispensable in the kitchen. Although the best hand mixers can handle tough doughs and thick batters almost as well as their larger counterparts, they really come into their own when it comes to whipping cream, beating eggs, blending salads, and other such light-duty kitchen duties.

For home cooks who only require a mixer for fast chores and special occasions, hand mixers have a few advantages over stand mixers, such as being less expensive and taking up less space on the counter. In addition, several designs include extras (such as whisks and hooks) and storage spaces.

How can you decide which model is best when there are so many to choose from? To assist you in making a decision, we have provided a list of the top-rated hand mixers.

5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Mixer

You might be wondering which handheld electric mixer is the best if you’re in the market for a new one. With so many options available, it might be difficult to choose the best mixer for your needs.

Today, we’re going to talk about the five most important factors to think about when shopping for a handheld electric mixer.

  1. Price

Handheld electric mixers range in price from relatively cheap to quite expensive, depending on their capabilities and additional features. However, a high-quality handheld electric mixer can be found for around $30 to $60.

Some higher-end models can cost $200 or more, but most people who cook at home won’t need one.

  1. Power

Different models of handheld electric mixers have different levels of power. Power output varies widely between mixers, with some offering as much as 500 watts and others as little as 50 watts. The more powerful the mixer, the higher the wattage.

  1. Capacity

Depending on the make and type, a hand-held electric mixer can hold anywhere from one to six cups of ingredients at once. You can save time by not having to stop the mixer to whisk in additional ingredients because some models allow you to do so. If you need to make a lot of something, this is a fantastic feature to have.

Furthermore, the mixer is equipped with a number of accessories that facilitate the chopping, blending, and mixing processes. A handheld electric mixer is useful whether you’re just starting out in the kitchen or are a seasoned pro.

  1. Attachments

A handheld electric mixer has several optional accessories. Beaters are the most typical type. Together, they aid in combining and blending the ingredients. The dough hook is another useful tool. Bread and other baked goods benefit from being kneaded.

The whisk attachment is the last tool in the set. You may use it to whip anything from cream and eggs to frosting and more. Having access to these accessories will allow you to make a wider range of meals.

  1. Weight

Some handheld electric mixers weigh about one pound, making them ideal for individuals on the go or with little kitchen space.

Stronger mixers made for more demanding jobs, however, can weigh up to five pounds. A handheld electric mixer, regardless of its heft, is an indispensable appliance in every kitchen.

List of Different Mixers-

  1. T TOPLINE Electric Hand Mixer

T TOPLINE 7-Speed Handheld Processor Automatic Electric Kitchen Tool Blender Egg Beater

For effortless whisking, mixing, and kneading in the kitchen, get yourself a high-quality electric hand mixer with beaters, dough hooks, and a storage container. Slowly stir in chunky ingredients at speed 1, mash potatoes at speed 4, and whisk eggs and whip meringue at speed 7. Reduce your mixing time in half: The Easy Mix’s robust motor provides robust processing power while also reducing energy consumption. You may use this gadget to save both time and money. It works wonderfully for whipping, whisking, and kneading.

Switching out the beaters on an electric hand mixer is a breeze, and you don’t have to worry about damaging anything in the process. Use a hand mixer with the ease and only one hand. The ideal helper in the kitchen while creating sweets, cakes, and other baked items.

  1. Bajaj HM-01 Powerful 250W Hand Mixer

The Bajaj HM 01 is a good choice if you want a cheap hand mixer that uses little energy. The blender’s variable speed control makes it easy to achieve the perfect consistency for your recipes. The sleek and portable design of this hand mixer belies a strong 250-watt motor that allows for effortless and rapid blending.

With a total weight of only 1.1 kg, this product is a great option for mixing duties in the kitchen.

For extra safety, it has an eject button that can be used in case of accidental removal.

Bajaj HM 01 hand mixer’s dough hook attachment is great for kneading bread dough, and pizza dough, and mixing dense cookie batter without clumps or lumps. The beater attachment can be used to whip cream, produce meringue, or mix up a light cake batter, among other things.

Easy and safe use is ensured by the slice/push switch on this lightweight kitchen equipment. Below, you’ll find a quick rundown of the product’s most salient qualities.

  1. Prestige Hand Mixer PHM 2.0,300 W

The new Prestige hand mixer will help you save time and effort in the kitchen without sacrificing the quality of your mixes. Professional bakers, chefs, and foodies all praise the hand mixer because of its two mixers and variable speed settings.

With the Prestige phm 2.0 Hand Mixer, you can whisk, beat, combine, and mix in a flash while minimising the time and effort required to achieve a perfect result. Professional bakers, chefs, and cooking aficionados all praise the mixer’s twin mixing blades and variable speed control.

The PHM 2.0 Prestige Hand Mixer has adjustable speeds from slow to fast, so you can always get the results you want from your cooking.

The Prestige hand mixer’s bright colours and modern design will look great in your home’s kitchen. A fantastic present for your loved ones.

Two high-quality stainless steel accessories are included. To whisk, use the whisker attachment, and to blend, whip, and mix, use the dough hook attachment.

  1. Unicron 7 Speeds Electric Stand Mixer 2 in-1 Hand Mixer

With its two attachments (dough hooks and beaters), the Unicron 7-speed electric stand mixer 2 in 1 hand mixer is ideal for a wide variety of food mixing tasks, such as creaming, mixing, beating, kneading, combining eggs, and so on.

The versatility and ease of use of an electric egg beater with seven speeds mean you can whip up anything you like, whenever you like. Using a combination of hot and cold air convection to dissipate heat from all directions.

The 220w hand mixer is sturdy enough for most cooking activities, yet easy to operate due to its lightweight design and excellent plastic construction. Make it easy to swiftly blend ingredients like cake batter, whipped cream, cookie dough, and egg whites.

  1. Boss E111 Portable Hand Blender

The BOSS Portable blender is a fun and convenient tool for making healthy smoothies and shakes in the comfort of your own home. The appliance is user-friendly for novices and pros alike because of the ergonomic handle and strong Stem. The razor-sharp blades make quick work of making purees, baby food, and delicious, nutrient-rich smoothies that will keep you going strong all morning. The simple push button and wall-mountable stand are the icings on the cake.

The Ergonomically Appropriate and Stylishly Convenient Handle and Control You may quickly and easily perform actions thanks to the switch’s pleasant texture and compact design.

You can alter the pace of the Dual Speed workout to suit your needs and preferences. Extremely precise blades pulverise every grain and produce flawless mixing.

  1. Philips HR3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer

If you’re looking for a high-quality kitchen appliance, go no further than Philips, whose latest HR 3705/10 300-Watt Hand Mixer will make your life easier in the kitchen thanks to its many convenient features and innovations. This small kitchen gadget has a low power consumption of 300 watts and can run on a voltage range of just 220 to 240 volts.

The ergonomic design of Philips’ product is aimed at making mixing tasks easy and pleasant. Two sets of strip beaters and dough hooks are snapped together with a pleasing click.

The beaters are made of durable stainless steel that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, thereby increasing the longevity of the device. The mixer includes five various speeds and a turbo mode so that you can choose the perfect one for every recipe.

The 1.2-meter power cord with this kitchen appliance neatly coils and snaps into place when not in use. The beaters or dough hooks can be easily removed by pressing the large eject button. This energy-saving gadget is a delight to clean because of its smooth surfaces and removable, dishwasher-safe parts.

Last Words

It’s common knowledge that bakers can’t do without handheld electric mixers. Choosing the best model out of all the options can be challenging. As you shop for a new mixer, we hope this guide will help you narrow down your options and provide some useful pointers. Don’t be hesitant to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or want more details; we’re always here to assist you.

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