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The Snackfax Guide to beat Monday blues and set yourself up for the week ahead

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Mondays are one of the most depressing days in one’s life. The term “Monday Blues” refers to the collection of unfavourable feelings that many people experience on the first day of work or school week if they are unhappy. Feelings of exhaustion, sadness, and the desire to skip class or work for the day out of the realization that one’s workplace or educational institution is less than ideal can all play a role. This is simply because one has to completely let go of the relaxation and fun to get ready for the upcoming week.

Imagine someone who has been partying throughout the weekend and on the very next day(Monday), he needs to let go of all the fun and enter his boring life again to earn a living for himself. Another situation can be when you are at school, you would have been elated when it was Friday and dread the way the clock was ticking to go back to school on Monday. One can also take Monday as the start of suffering and keep on waiting for the weekend, which on counting from Monday is the farthest.

Having told you what Monday Blues exactly is, let us tell you some of how one can beat the Monday Blues and have a great energetic week ahead. Here are some of how one can ensure that they can win over the Monday Blues.

  1. Set Yourself up for a good day- Plan ahead, and you won’t have to worry about Blue Monday. Get yourself a beautiful breakfast ready the night before so you can enjoy something tasty as soon as you open your eyes. Make a lovely batch of pear breakfast buns or sweet banana bread on a Sunday afternoon, and then all you have to do is reheat them up for a few minutes in the morning to get that just-out-of-the-oven taste. This allows you to have a leisurely breakfast without having to rush out of the house.
  2. Take a break- Keep some nice snacks on hand to snack on while on the run and avoid a midmorning slump. These healthy flapjacks, packed with oats, fruits, and seeds, are the ideal quick bake to whip up at home. Spend those five minutes making yourself a cup of tea and enjoying one of these chewy snacks.
  3. Make a lavish Lunch- Make lunch an event, whether you’re at work or at home, to avoid staring at a sad, soggy sarnie. These bowls of zero-lettuce salad are a visual and gustatory delight, perfect for injecting some much-needed vibrancy and freshness. You might also try some of these superlative sandwich fillings, including meaty baguettes and triple-stacked clubs, to take your sandwich-making to the next level.
  4. Have a baking session- Baking is the ideal pick-me-up hobby when you’re at home and have some time to kill. Everybody loves to be cheered up by the delicious aroma of cookies baking in the oven. Indulge in the gooeyness of the salted caramel lava cookies or the strong chocolate flavour of the dark, glossy chocolate crinkle biscuits.
  5. Open to New things– Why not use Blue Monday as an opportunity to break out of your usual cooking routine? Perhaps kick things off with a new take on an old favourite, like these Mexican-style jacket potatoes that use sweet potatoes for a flash of colour, or these hearty meatballs that are a twist on the traditional Italian dish but are served with tangy blue cheese polenta instead of pasta.
  6. Try Socialising- If you’re feeling down on a Monday, the best way to cheer up is to spend time with loved ones, so make an effort to invite some around for supper. A fragrant curry can be made in under 30 minutes, making it a true winter warmer, and entertaining doesn’t have to be a burden if you make beetroot hummus bowls for simple snacking or offer slices of cheat’s pizza.
  7. Avoid Temptations- This is the most difficult day of the week if you’re trying to abstain from alcohol throughout the week. Keep going strong with this alcohol-free alternative to beating the winter chill, a blend of spiced apple and ginger ale.
  8. Have a Bedtime Treat- Finish the day with a warm mug of hot chocolate and settle down for the night. A true treat, and the perfect way to get some shut-eye before facing Tuesday.
  9. Be Nostalgic- For many, traditional puddings serve as a nostalgic time capsule, transporting them back to their childhood with every bite. As a result of its simplicity and the fact that most people already have the ingredients on hand, classic baked rice pudding swirled with a dollop of jam or a rich, custardy bread and butter pudding are excellent Monday night desserts.

Having told you about all the different ways in which one can fight Monday Blues, we hope that you will be able to suppress the negative emotions easily. We encourage you to try out the different ways and tell us which of these worked for you.

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