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food that comforts deadliest hangover in 10 Min : Save it forever


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A study published in an Addiction journal found that a hangover peaks when your blood alcohol level reaches zero. Your immune system is triggered, your central nervous system is activated, and an inflammatory reaction is triggered.

After drinking heavily, you’re more likely to experience blood sugar spikes and crashes, and high-sugar foods can worsen these effects, says dietician Jenna Hope. Therefore, whatever you did yesterday night, we have you covered. The complete best hangover foods list is now available. Additionally, we have many vegan hangover food ideas if you follow a plant-based diet.

How To Prevent A Hangover The Night Before

While having a meal the night before is an excellent idea to decrease the effects of drinking and possibly prevent the mother from all hangovers.

Christine Bailey, a renowned nutritionist and author from the United Kingdom(UK), gives some tips to help you avoid getting a hangover the day after. The first and obvious one is: “Substitute alcoholic drinks with glasses of water or tomato juice to minimize the effects, and it may stop you from drinking.”

Continuing, she shares her party trick: “At the end of the night, drink at least 2 to 3 glasses of water or coconut water because your body will be dehydrated.” Take at least 500mg of vitamin C before night. Alcohol actually increases the excretion of vitamin C through urine, a valuable nutrient that helps your liver to detoxify the alcohol.

What To Have In Breakfast?

  1. Eggs

A ready-made hangover cure food. Cysteine, an amino acid utilized by your body to create the antioxidant glutathione, is abundant in eggs. Alcohol consumption depletes glutathione, which is bad news because it helps in the body’s breakdown of acetaldehyde, the poisonous alcohol byproduct that causes your head to race and your mouth to become dry.

  1. Oatmeal or Porridge

The best food for a hangover is oats because they include complex carbs that give a slow and constant release of sugar into the bloodstream, preventing the mid-morning slump. A breakfast with complex carbs can improve your mood and decrease fatigue after a night out.

  1. Wholegrain Toast and Honey

If porridge is too much for you, whole-grain toast spread with honey is the ideal alternative. This convenient snack combination offers the sodium, potassium, and fructose you need to recover from a hangover. A teaspoon or two of fructose will accelerate your recovery because your body metabolizes it at the same rate as alcohol; honey can increase the elimination of alcohol by as much as 32%.

What To Snack On?

  1. Brazilian nut

Selenium-rich foods can lessen the oxidative stress and inflammation that alcohol causes. The richest natural source of selenium is Brazil nuts.

  1. Watermelon

Reduced blood supply to the brain is partially to blame for the splitting sensation in your head. L-citrulline, a vitamin that boosts blood flow and simultaneously cures your headache (and dry mouth), is abundant in watermelon.

  1. Orange

Vitamin C, which is abundant in oranges, speeds up the metabolism of alcohol by assisting your body in retaining valuable glutathione. Instead of pouring a glass of juice, which will cause your blood sugar to increase, opt for the whole fruit.

What To Have For Lunch?

  1. Meat (or another high-protein alternative)

The hangover cure meal you need should be high in protein, whether you choose chicken, turkey, or a meatless alternative. Because let’s face it, the hangover munchies are natural; they won’t just fill you up; it’s also loaded with amino acids, which will assist your liver get rid of toxins. In search of vegan hangover cures? Replace the steak with a dish made with tofu.

  1. Kale

Your immune cells have been severely taxed by that round of Tequila shots, even if it probably didn’t feel that way at the time. Kale can, fortunately, save the day.

What To Have For Dinner?

  1. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes satisfy your appetite for carbohydrates while replenishing your low vitamin A levels, essential for reducing inflammation and calming your immune system. They are also a delicious supply of magnesium, which aids in the body’s breakdown and removal of alcohol.

  1. Asparagus

Asparagus is the vegetable you’ve been waiting for to heal hangovers, despite being an unlikely hero. Asparagus extracts increased the efficiency of alcohol-degrading enzymes by more than twofold while also preventing liver cells from being damaged.

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