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Slurrp Farm Pancakes: Healthy Snacks for your Little Fussy Eater


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“Mom guilt.” While every mom experiences it in a different way or area, we all struggle with it. EVERYONE has been there! And if you’re new to motherhood, you’re likely to encounter it soon. With social media and the never-ending fancy dishes, they showcase over there for their kids, it’s difficult to avoid being confronted with your alleged “flaws” as a mother.

You must have tried everything like they say “ Sam Daam Dand Bhed “ to make your kid eat something. Then you might probably wonder why you didn’t try X or if you thought about Y. Yes Yes!. Everyone, including you, seemed to have a magic solution that they had already tried and failed at. We know that all the mommies are so desperate to feed and keep their children healthy, but the harsh reality is that kids don’t share your enthusiasm. What if you get something that your kids will eat right away without any Bahana?

So, Mommies throw away your guilt in the trash and bring this Slurrp Farm’s pancake mix ASAP. It is completely healthy, tasty and made up of millet. Pancakes are one of the most popular breakfast foods worldwide, with many people eating them almost daily. 

It contains the goodness of Supergrains as well as some delicious banana and Choco-chips to bring out the best flavour in your pancakes. It contains a lot of nutrients and no harmful ingredients, making it a great option for you and your picky children at any time. These are also excellent choices while travelling with a toddler. Making pancakes the traditional way can be time-consuming so try this Slurrp farm’s Banana Choco Chip mix. It’s super yummy and you can make 5-6 medium-sized pancakes with one packet. 

How to make pancakes with the mix?

  • Just empty the contents in a bowl to one portion of the mix; add ½ cup of milk and 1 egg (optional). You can skip the egg and add more milk if you are vegetarian. Adjust the consistency.
  • Heat a pan on medium flame, and spread a spoonful of batter on the pan. 
  • Apply Butter on the sides. Roast it till it turns golden brown.
  • Flip the pancake on the other side and roast it.
  • The pancakes are ready! Serve it hot with Nutella or jam or chocolate syrup.

It’s very easy to make and healthy for your kids. So all the mommies over there, go and get the product and see your kids doing SLURRP SLURRP!!!


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