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Moong Dal Halwa – A nice Dessert to amazify your winter

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We Indians can compromise on anything, but our dessert platter should be sorted. We love our sweets like anything. Whether the delicacies are Indian sweets and halwa or cakes from the west, We enjoy all these.

Talking about sweets, the discussion will remain incomplete without talking about moong dal ka halwa. Moong dal halwa is not just a dish but an emotion that unites all of us. The taste is awesome, and the creamy texture is to die for.

It originates from Rajasthan and is often prepared in the winter to stay warm and cosy. It is prepared in pure ghee with mung lentils, milk, sugar, and nuts; sometimes cardamom powder is also added to increase its richness, taste, and aroma. It is cooked on a low flame until the milk dries up and we get a nice, creamy halwa. The balance of sweetness makes it an addictive and attractive dessert.

This dessert is packed with nutrition and health benefits. It is high in protein, which is good for your health. The ingredients also help keep the skin moisturised and glowing.

There are many variations in this dish. Some people like it the way it used to be in ancient times. Loaded with ghee and nuts, due to increasing health issues, some prefer it with a small amount of ghee and nuts. Sometimes moong is boiled separately to increase its richness, and by boiling them, it also becomes more healthy.

The instant pot is also used to prepare the halwa, while some like to make it in a kadhai. No function is complete without having moong dal halwa. Everyone enjoys it in the winter. You can make it at home as well, as the recipe is quite basic and simple. But if you are too busy to cook it, you can have it at some famous restaurants. It is equally delightful and yummy.

Here are some places you can visit to taste authentic moong dal halwa:

Churuwala Marwari Sweet

Churuwala Marwari Sweet: 1194, Ground Floor, Town Hall, Kucha Mahajani, Chandni Chowk

Timings: 11 a.m.–8 p.m.

The moong dal halwa from this place is a pure delight. It is prepared in desi ghee and served with generous dry fruits.

Giani’s Di Hatti

Giani’s Di Hatti: Church Mission Rd., Bagh Deewar, Katra Ghel, Khari Baoli, Chandni Chowk

Timings: 8:30 AM–11 PM

Not only are there faludas and ice creams, but the moong dal halwa by Gianis is definitely one of the best halwa you can ever have.

Chaina Ram Sindhi Halwai

Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners (6499), Fathepuri Chowk, Chandni Chowk

Timings: 8 a.m.–8 p.m.

Ram is famous for its pure, rich, and authentic taste. The moong dal halwa is just awesome. You should definitely give it a try.

By keeping all these things in mind, we can say that moong dal halwa is one of the best desserts we can have this winter. It is loaded with the goodness of ghee, the nutrition of lentils, and the richness of dry fruits.

A nice warm bowl of moong dal halwa, and you are sorted.

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