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Here are some Amazing Protein-Packed Breakfast Ideas for A Powerful Day

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We are sure you all must have seen celebrities’ diet charts at some other point in your life or, by chance, you have read them in some newspaper or magazine. Did you observe anything familiar? Yes! They give a lot of emphasis on their daily protein intake. Why? Have you ever searched for it? Not exactly right? We will tell you! Many think about calories, fats, and even salt consumption when planning their meals, but no one thinks about protein intake. Bodybuilding is not the only reason to consume protein. A protein-rich diet is essential for both fitness and overall health.

Protein is essential for forming and maintaining cells in the bones, muscles, cartilage, and skin. “Protein is made up of essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture on its own; therefore, one must obtain them through diet.

These amino acids are necessary for the growth and repair of tissue. Without them, the body would begin to break down its own muscles to obtain them. This is why getting your daily fix of protein through the foods you eat is crucial,” said Tanvi S Chiplunkar, senior dietician at Bhatia Hospital Mumbai.

Make sure to include plenty of protein in your morning meal to get the most out of it. Eating protein first gives you a nutritional boost that will keep you full, happy, and energetic throughout the day. Protein helps you feel fuller for extended periods than carbohydrates or fat, reducing random food cravings. Ghrelin is the hormone that causes hunger; a protein-rich diet increases peptides while decreasing ghrelin, making you feel satiated.

How much protein is required per day?

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), an average adult should consume one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight every day. A sedentary adult should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogramme of body weight, according to the National Institutes of Health’s Dietary Reference Intakes report for macronutrients. According to the NIH, an average sedentary man should consume 56 grams of protein daily, while an average woman should consume 46 grams.

Reality Check

According to the Indian Market Research Bureau, more than 80% of Indians are protein deficient. According to the most recent National Sample Survey, India’s per capita protein consumption is declining in urban and rural areas. Protein underconsumption in Indian households can be attributed to a variety of factors.

Lack of awareness

The Protein Paradox Study by Right to Protein surveyed some 2142 mothers across 16 cities and stated 95% of Indian mothers are conscious of protein as a macronutrient, but only 3% are aware of its essential functions and why it should be consumed! The majority think that a basic roti sabji and dal meal is enough to meet daily protein requirements.

Lack of Knowledge regarding the vegetarian source of proteins

In India, the majority follow a vegetarian diet, and there is a myth in the air that ‘There are limited options for protein-rich food as compared to non-vegetarian diets. A well-planned vegetarian diet can offer all the required nutrients, including protein. Soybeans, tofu, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, nuts, and seeds are all excellent sources of quality vegetarian protein.

So today, we are here with some triple ‘p’ (Powerful Protein Packed) breakfast ideas; let’s look at it.

Mocha Banana Protein Smoothie Bowl

This one is for all coffee lovers — and smoothie bowl lovers. Smoothie bowls are light, flavorful, easy to whip up in a time crunch, and a great way to get your protein. Chia seeds and your preferred protein powder provide the protein in this bowl of goodness. One serving contains 20 grams of protein. You can add nuts, nut butter, and fruits to increase your protein content. Instead of using cow milk, you can opt for soy milk.

Eggs Benedict with Avocado hollandaise

Eggs Benedict is not only a crowd-pleaser but can also be modified to be a healthy source of protein early in the day. Try this healthy twist. Remove the bread and replace it with a bed of sweet potatoes and beets, then top with poached eggs and a seriously delicious avocado hollandaise sauce. With this, you’ll be getting about 14 grams of protein. For 10 more grams, you can add more eggs or other protein-rich foods like tofu and cheese.

High Protein Lime Smoothie

Talk about easy and quick! Simply combine cottage cheese(paneer), Greek yoghurt(curd), sour cream, a bit of non-caloric sweetener, and a splash of lime juice and zest, and that’s it. Your smoothie is ready. Sip this tropical smoothie and take a (sort-of-not-really) vacation. Protein content: 20 g; protein percentage: 31%

Crispy Marinated Tofu

Tofu is a versatile plant-based protein that can be flavoured in various ways. Tofu is marinated overnight in a spicy garlic, tamari, and sesame oil mixture before being baked until crispy. This marinated tofu is, without a doubt, the best tofu you’ve ever had! It’s full of flavour and easy to make. Protein content: 35 g; protein percentage: 42%

Chocolate Almond Smoothie

The main ingredients in this smoothie are almond butter and almond milk, as well as cocoa powder and whey powder. However, you can include other healthy ingredients such as avocado or berries. This Chocolate Almond Milk Smoothie is rich, creamy, and easy to make with common household ingredients. Best of all, it serves as a filling breakfast and a sweet-yet-healthy afternoon snack! Protein content: 28 g; protein percentage: 36%

So here are some of the easy-peasy recipes for you to have a power-packed high-protein breakfast. Try these out and share your experiences here Review@snackfax.com. Happy Eating!

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