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The Success Story of Petpreneur: Dogsee Chew Story

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The pandemic and lockdown, like every other aspect of our lives, have had a significant impact on pet ownership behaviour. A pet not only provides companionship but also happiness, positivity, and loyalty to its parents. Regardless of how much we ignore them, all they know is how to love. India has 32 million pets and is growing at a rate of more than 12% per year. India’s pet population was eighteen billion in 2016, and it is expected to grow to twenty-four million by 2019. During the pandemic, it increased to 32 million, a nearly two-fold increase in the last few years.

Pet food has the highest wallet share in the pet care industry. Currently, only seven to eight per cent of pet parents feed packaged food, while the other ninety per cent feed home-cooked food. If you look at the pet food market in India, it was worth $150 million in 2016, and it has grown threefold in the last five years.

Mr Bhupendra Khanal noticed this surge long back and founded Dogsee Chew in 2015 along with his wife Sneh Sharma. It all began when Bhupendra was on a trek in Nepal and experienced a ‘ting’ moment, its result is Dogsee Chew. It is now India’s fourth largest pet food exporter and now has an appearance in over 30 countries.

Dogsee Chew BackStory!

Bhupendra discovered local stray dogs with shining furs, perfect teeth, and an abundance of energy while on a trek in Ilam, a small district in Nepal. When he interacted with the villagers, they revealed that these dogs frequently chew on ‘Churpi,’ which the villagers occasionally throw away or do not use. This surprised Bhupi because Churpi, or Hardened Milk Cheese, is something he has known and eaten his entire life but never thought of as dog food. After a little more research, ‘DogseeChew’ was born!

Dogsee Chew is an entirely natural product and contains no chemicals. They can be used as an alternative to rawhides because Dogsee Chews last longer and keep your dogs engaged for extended periods, helping them fight plaque and tartar. These are high in protein, which is precisely what dogs require. Furthermore, these chews are not mass-produced in the leather industry but are carefully handcrafted in the Himalayas, distinguishing them from every other product on the Market. Bhupendra noticed that there are currently no organic or vegetarian dog foods available on the Market. Non-organic processed foods are not healthy for dogs in the long run, and a lack of vegetarian treats causes significant discomfort in vegetarian families.

Dogsee chew and Himalayan connection

Dogsee Chew provides essential tools for cutting chews and mats for drying them up to farmers in the Himalayan region. Khanal Foods handles the processing and packaging. Farmers in the upper Himalayas prepare the product because they cannot sell milk or other milk products directly to the Market due to travel time. The villagers make the cheese and sun-dry it for about ten weeks until it hardens and becomes durable.

“I am helping these farmers by directly buying from them, and buying in bulk, thus giving them good earnings timely and quickly. Dogsee Chew is also helping them produce more by providing support on buying mats for cutting machines,” says Bhupendra in an interview.

Though its origin is in the Himalayas, Its cost is very reasonable. Easily a middle-class Family can afford this product.

What’s Clicking With The Customer?

  • This is the only all-organic, 100% vegetarian dog treat/chew that can be used as an alternative to bones. 
  • It’s high in protein and low in carbohydrates, making it ideal for dogs.
  • It has a Himalayan connection, bringing rare minerals and an all-organic alternative to processed treats.

Dogsee chew funding and Market

Mankind Pharma and existing investor Sixth Sense Ventures led the $6.7 million (Rs 50 crore) Series A round in January 2021. The company will use the new funds for brand establishment, research and development, and a solid distribution network.

Availability of Product

They claim that veterinary doctors and dog behaviourists highly value the product. It is available in five Bangalore stores: Cessna, Paws The Pet Store, Paws Nation, and Pet Shoppe. It is also available at Amazon, Paws The Pet Store, and DogSpot.

New Product Launches

As Dogsee Chew gained popularity, many pet parents sought more natural ways to treat their dogs. We immediately thought of fruits and vegetables. But can dogs eat them without any mess? The simple solution was to purchase freeze-dried dog treats! Dogsee Crunch was born as a result of this. Fresh, tasty, and crunchy snacks are free of additives and preservatives. And there you have it: healthy dog snacks full of natural goodness that both dogs and parents will enjoy. 

With Changing industry norms, people are becoming vegan day by day, so these types of products will be in high demand in the near future. So, When are you ordering this for your Furry ball? Dogsee Chew will not only benefit organic and vegetarian pet parents, but it will also increase dog adoption among this demographic.

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