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Here is how Fermented food might be your Gut’s BFF and a Rising Trend

Ritesh Agarwal, Founder, OYO

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Foods or drinks that have undergone regulated microbial growth, as well as the enzymatic conversion of food components, are referred to as fermented foods. Fermented foods have recently gained popularity, largely due to the claimed health advantages.

You might not be familiar with the increasingly popular trio of kefir, kimchi, and kombucha, but researchers claim that fermented foods like these can benefit your gut, which houses the majority of your immune system.

Why is fermented food the next big trend?

Although fermented foods have always been a staple of our diets, food experts think that meals that improve immunity will soon become popular. Learn more about it now!

Fermented foods are at the junction of two strong trends, including the rising demand for natural foods and superfoods that promote immunity, according to observers who keep a close eye on the food landscape. The consensus is that fermented foods are the upcoming big thing.

Trade journals estimate that as of 2019, the global market for just one fermented good, Kombucha Tea, was worth about $1.7 billion. This tea is made using black, green, or white tea and is flavoured with fruits, herbs, and spices like ginger and mint along with flowers like hibiscus and jasmine. The refreshing and reinvigorating’ beverage comes attractively packed in 250 ml bottles and costs between INR 120 and INR 250 for each bottle.

The traditional Indian diet has always included fermented foods, especially in rural regions. Dhokla is a common fermented breakfast food in Gujarat, whereas idli, dosa, and appam are popular options in southern India. The ideal light dinner for the summer in the east is Pantha bhaat, also known as papal, which is rice that has been prepared the night before and soaked in water. Many dishes—including Kadi, Kulu, Mor Kuzhambu, etc.—are made with buttermilk.

Fermented foods are made with grains and legumes, milk and dairy products, as well as vegetables and fruits. In Sikkim, where the farmers first let the green mustard and radish leave wilt for a few days before pounding them with a little water, is where sweets like jalebi and Gundruk are made.

Some examples of Fermented Food items are-

  1. Kefir
  2. Kombucha
  3. Sauerkraut
  4. Pickles 
  5. Miso
  6. Tempeh
  7. Natto
  8. Kimchi 
  9. Raw Chees
  10. Yogurt
  11. Apple Cider Vinegar
  12. Kvass
  13. Sourdough Bread
  14. Cottage Cheese
  15. Coconut Kefir

Proponents of fermented foods claim that the process raises the nutritional value of components and improves the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals. Scientific studies have verified many of these assertions.

Complex sugars and carbs are broken down by fermentation, making them simpler to digest. Certainly, probiotic foods enhance intestinal health. But it doesn’t seem very prudent to think that all fermented foods are superfoods that significantly strengthen our immune systems and delay ageing, or that these can be miracle cures for diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand which foods in one’s diet will be healthy and which won’t.

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