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Global Trends that have born out of Veganism and are on rise

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Many people today—approximately 360,000—identify as “lifestyle vegans” and hence only use or purchase items that are cruelty-free or otherwise not derived from animals. Veganism is a diet and lifestyle in which no animal products, including food, are consumed or used. This concept aims to reduce or eliminate the suffering of all living things.

A social movement is another way of describing this phenomenon. Based on Google Trends data, countries including the United Kingdom, Iceland, Australia, Mauritius, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Estonia, the United States, and Sweden have the highest levels of interest in veganism.

There have been recent trends due to Veganism some of which are mentioned below-

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Vegan companies have been at the forefront of the movement to rid products of non-recyclable film and single-use plastic.

Now that compostable bamboo toothbrushes and plastic trays for recycling are readily available, there’s reason to believe that we can turn the tide on environmental degradation. Carbon labelling is also on the rise as a consumer perk; do your research to uncover your favourite companies’ carbon imprints.

Home Cooking

The widespread lockdowns have prevented people from going out to restaurants, but the increased availability of convenient and delicious supermarket goods has made staying in a lot more appealing.

It’s related to another movement, too: the popularity of vegan bloggers and YouTubers. There is a plethora of them, each with its unique take on what constitutes good counsel and tasty recipes.

More Egg Alternatives

While there seems to be no shortage of alternative meats (alt-meats) these days, with new varieties, flavours, and brands always appearing, the egg substitute market is where things get serious. Vegans who used to have to pick between a mashed banana, flax seed, or applesauce may now have their cake and eat it, too, thanks to the availability of egg substitutes. Some of the most recent products are so convincingly similar to genuine eggs that they may be used to make dishes like scrambled eggs and omelettes.

Regenerative Agriculture

Several plant-based businesses, including Milkadamia, are providing financial support for efforts to revive farming. In essence, this goes beyond low-impact farming in that crop selection is made to preserve or enhance soil fertility for the sake of a farm’s long-term success. You may learn more about the causes your grocery purchases support by reading the labels on the packages you buy.

Why is Veganism on the Rise?

The most influential causes contributing to the rise of veganism remain unknown. Veganism is widely supported due to its purported benefits for human and environmental health, weight control, animal welfare, and antibiotic usage.

1. Health

Vegans and vegetarians make up a larger percentage of health-conscious and anti-GMO Americans. The vegan diet is just one of several alternative eating trends. In linking what they eat and how they feel, people have been able to establish a sense of belonging among those who share their values.

2. Weight Management

Although there are vegans who think that fad diets are the best way to lose weight, this may not be the case. When it comes to losing weight, diets that eliminate entire food groups have more in common with fad diets than with a sustainable way of eating that prioritizes health and pleasure.

So, those who have tried and failed to shed pounds on the vegan diet should be kind to themselves rather than considering it a reflection of their inherent lack of willpower.

3. Animal Welfare

Vegans are concerned with the ethical treatment of all animals, whether for human consumption, clothing, entertainment, or research. Although the concept of vegetarianism (the rejection of meat and other animal products) has been prevalent for thousands of years in the Global South, the term “veganism” (as we know it today) was first coined and popularised in 20th-century Europe and Western countries like the United States.

4. Environment

The United Nations has been notified by climate scientists from around the globe that limiting meat consumption in wealthy countries is one of the finest things that citizens can do to help slow climate change. The Carbon Pricing Food Coalition is working to address this issue by advocating for a meat tax in nations where individuals consume an excessive amount of meat.

Different celebrities have also come up promoting the vegan lifestyle by telling the public that they are actively following a vegan lifestyle.

In the end, we would like to conclude by saying that A vegan lifestyle is achieved by reducing or eliminating consumption of all animal products, including but not limited to fish, chicken, eggs, beef, hog, and other forms of meat. Dairy products including milk, butter, and cheese should also be avoided. One should try it out to work for the personal as well as social benefit of society. Try being a vegan and tell us about how well did it turn out for you at mailto:review@snackfax.com

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