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Woman uses KFC Chicken to make Black Paint

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From amusing videos to viral tales, the internet never fails to provide stuff that either entertains or surprises us. There are some stories and movies that leave us in awe, and they continue to circulate online for days because of their exceptional content. One such video that we came across recently really interests us. 

A woman in the video was seen using KFC fried chicken to make paint. You read that correctly. Instagram user @3dartistlinda uploaded the video. A woman explains that she has spent several years painting exclusively in black.

The woman continued, explaining that she had to make her own black paint because there was a shortage in the market. In order to make the black pigment, she used the bones from some previously fried chicken. 

She then made a coal hole out of bones and fruit to show how the black color was achieved. Then, after being crushed into bone charcoal, it is filtered out. And then she prepared the paint by combining it with oil.

The video has been seen over 430,000 times, with 32,000 likes and 100’s of comments. “This is extremely cool and a terrific way to use materials that would otherwise just be thrown away,” remarked one reader. 

Someone else remarked, “This method of creating paint is far more environmentally friendly and sustainable.” Another user mentioned using baked and crushed bones as bone meal for their garden.

Needless to say, the internet truly never fails to surprise us. As more people show their weird talents the virality of the posts increases. Let’s see what more social media has to offer. 

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