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What India ate in 2022: Swiggy reveals most ordered dishes

In 2022, Biryani set new records for the most popular dish in India. Swiggy said that biryani was the most-ordered dish on Swiggy for the seventh year in a row in 2022. During the year, about 137 biryanis were ordered on Swiggy every minute or 2.28 biryanis per second.

Masala dosa was the second-most-ordered dish on Swiggy. It is a classic and comforting dish. More than 40 million samosas were ordered as snacks in 2022, making them the most popular snack.

During the year, 22 million orders of popcorn were placed on the food tech app, and most of them were after 10 p.m. Swiggy also notices that Indian foodies’ tastes are changing and that orders of sushi, Mexican bowls, spicy Korean ramen, and Italian pasta are going up.

The most popular dessert, gulab jamun, was ordered 27 lakh times. Rasmalai got 16 million orders, and then choco lava cake got more than 10 million orders.

This year, more than 35 lakh Swiggy customers gave tips to delivery partners, totalling Rs 53 crore. Swiggy says that all of these tips go to the people who make the deliveries with no commission to the company.

Swiggy’s analysis is based on sales made in India from January to November 2022. Biriyani is genuinely India’s favourite and shall remain so. 

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