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This foodie from Hyderabad lost 40 kg by walking every day after she couldn’t fit into the seatbelt on a flight


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Inder Deep Deep shed 40 kgs and found his fit version.

Inder Deep, a Hyderabad-based engineer and restaurateur, gave us considerable fitness inspiration by displaying a tremendous degree of commitment to his weight loss quest. A self-proclaimed foodie who works in the restaurant industry lost 40 kg in just 10 months.What brought it about? Let’s hear it straight from the source: the man.

What led to the weight gain?

“Since I wasn’t exercising much, I’d attribute the unexpected weight gain to my sedentary lifestyle.” I like to eat (and still do). I had to go to every restaurant I saw in a video or article about it. not to mention the wonderful messages from food delivery websites that prompted me to place an urgent meal order. Therefore, the weight gain was caused by eating a lot of food from outside and not exercising. When I reached 110 kg, it finally dawned on me that Inder Deep had stated, “Okay, you have to control it now.” 

What was the turning point that inspired you?

Inder Deep recalls the turning point in his life, stating, “It happened on a trip where, for the first time in my life, the seat belt did not fit me.” I did the most ridiculous thing: I sucked in all the air I could, drew my stomach in, fastened the belt with much effort, and sat there in agony, praying this misery would end quickly. I was too shy to ask for another one. Unfortunately, when you’re in agony, time drags, and those three hours, which seemed like an eternity, helped me reflect. 

Describe your diet and exercise routine.

Simple foods cooked at home were allowed in the diet. I did reduce my sugar intake, but there was no severe diet or calorie counting; just a simple “Ghar ka khana.” The exercise was something I could do every day since I wanted the weight loss to be long-lasting. I spent all of my time walking because I loved it. On average, I was walking 15 to 20 kilometers every day.

Do you have a fitness tip that has helped you?

“I believe it was listening to my inner voice and acting in a way that felt good to my body.” I didn’t pay attention to what other people thought. I was aware that what had worked for them might not have worked for me. I just went with my intuition, though I did seek medical advice when I was exercising a lot. I should avoid exerting myself greatly because I only have one kidney. “There were a few consultations, and I took the necessary measures when I was walking a lot, but other than that, I followed my body’s instructions,” says the Hyderabad-based QSR proprietor.

What alterations have you made to your way of living?

Inder Deep has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, like the majority of us. He declares, “I am nocturnal; I have a hard time falling asleep at night.” When the rest of the world is asleep, I enjoy spending time by myself. The hardest aspect was getting enough rest and going to bed early. The largest lifestyle adjustment I made was getting enough sleep, but to be honest, I still have trouble with it.

What is the most difficult aspect of being overweight?

On my journey to fitness, I encountered a number of challenges, such as how difficult it is to find an appropriately sized shirt when you are overweight.

“Most brands won’t offer your sizes in their collection because they don’t view you as an audience.” The few brands that sell shirts for overweight people provide them in a variety of fits, and putting them on is a very taxing process. “You start feeling anxious about seemingly unimportant tasks, like going shopping,” says Inder Deep.

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