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Tata’s Copper Water: The Hydration Revolution!

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Copper water is a new trend that advocates storing drinking water in a copper container or copper water bottle. While you may have only recently become aware of this trend, it is widely supported by Ayurveda.

According to ayurveda, drinking water from a copper container improves heart health, makes your gut and digestive system better, and may help with weight loss. In addition to this, you can boost your immunity system and make your skin glow by drinking copper water. Water stored in a copper vessel tastes a little sweeter than normal water. 

Tata Copper Water is a new and revolutionary launch in the packaged water industry. The benefits of copper are known to all, and Tata focused on this and made packaged water infused with the goodness of copper, which will make every sip more hydrating and healthy. 

Tata’s Copper Water!

After years of hard work and research, the water is specifically created by a team of global experts to ensure an active and better way of living.

Tata Copper Plus tastes just like normal water, which is why you can enjoy the goodness and benefits of copper without making any changes to your taste buds

To capture the market better and in a more efficient manner, there are many sizes available for the water bottles. You can get a 2 litre, 1 litre, 500 ml, or 250 ml container according to your preference and whichever size works better. 

Adarsh Atal, Senior Director, Creative, Tilt Brand Solutions, added, “We conceived and designed this campaign to persuasively, but with a light touch, draw a parallel between Tata Copper Water and water drunk from copper vessels.” We also wanted to convey the message that this water enables you to embrace life in all its fullness. Thus, “Sirf peene ka pani nahin, yeh hai jeene ka pani.”

The water is known as Jeene ka Paani and makes sure every Indian becomes healthy and active through this initiative. You can get access to this water easily by visiting your nearest supermarket, and you can order it online on various food delivery apps like Big Basket, Grofers, etc.

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