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Superfoods to combat nasty pollution


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Let’s address it, increased pollution is not only harming the environment, but it is also harming our health. Pollution can have many adverse effects on human health. Respiratory infection ,heart disease, or even lung cancer can happen due to exposure to high pollution levels. This poses a threat to children, the elderly, and people with naturally low immunity. A face mask can help you outdoors but for better health and longevity covering our faces is only a temporary solution.

Therefore, by making our inner powerhouse I.e  our bodies more efficient we can skip the unnecessary damages the population poses to our health. Antioxidants have proved to be one of the many elements that can help combat the serious effects of pollution and are seen as a great solution for immunity-building in many cultures. Now you don’t need to buy fancy fruits and supplements to consume antioxidants. Here are a few powerful foods that are easily accessible and packed with antioxidants and other powerful nutrients:

1. Oranges

Oranges are packed with all the beneficial antioxidants and vitamin C and help in the cleansing of the lungs, which automatically results in better health. Vitamin C is required to have good respiratory health and improve lung function. It is advised to consume at least 1 orange every 4-5 days when in season.

2. Broccoli

Don't consider broccoli just a vegetable; it is the best anti-pollution food you can have access to. Studies have shown the positive effects of this vegetable against carcinogenic pollutants. This green vegetable will leave you with a lean and clean body. Have it with soups or salads and try including 50gms or broccoli in your diet.

3. Strawberries and Blueberries

Strawberries and Blueberries have some great wonders of vitamin C. They are super tasty and super healthy for you. In addition to all these benefits, they help mitigate the effects of pollution, leaving you and your lungs healthy. The best to have these berries is to mix 30 grams of berries with milk and have a fantastic thick smoothie.

4. Almonds

The most loved nuts are almonds. Rich sources of magnesium boost your immunity and relax the breathing tubes of your lungs. It is advised to eat 5-6 soaked almonds every day for better results.

5. Jaggery and turmeric

Jaggery and turmeric are excellent Ayurvedic medicines for good respiratory health and the immune system. You can combine both or even use them individually and get all the benefits. 250ml of Turmeric milk every night helps in cleansing out the gut and improves digestion. Additionally, you can also take steam once or twice a day for a clear throat and add some tulsi oil for better results. Alternatively,

dietary changes are the best way to alter your lifestyle in today’s hectic life. Let’s aim for a holistic life amidst the chaos around us.

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