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Starbucks launches first eco-friendly store in India, receives prestigious ‘Greener Store of the Year’ award in Asia Pacific region

Starbucks has unveiled its first Greener Store in India and has also been recognized as the ‘Greener Store of the Year’ in the Asia Pacific region. Located in Ayali Kalan, Ludhiana, Punjab, and operated in partnership with Tata Starbucks, the Sunview Enclave store aims to reduce Starbucks’ environmental impact through the use of sustainable practices and materials.

“The Sunview Enclave store, the first green store in Ludhiana, which has been honoured as the ‘Greener Store of the Year’ in the Asia Pacific region, demonstrates our commitment to promoting a cleaner, healthier future,” said Sushant Dash, CEO of TATA Starbucks.

“I eagerly anticipate interacting with customers to inform them about our efforts to raise awareness on climate change and the conscientious measures we’ve implemented in this store to minimize its environmental impact. This award allows us to celebrate and share this awareness with our customers,” commented Pankaj, the store manager of Starbucks Sunview Enclave in Ayali Kalan.

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The store emphasizes efficient resource utilization by offering electric vehicle (EV) chargers, a rainwater harvesting system, and by recycling used coffee grounds as fertilizer for nearby developments. Beyond using energy and water-efficient appliances, the building embraces sustainable construction methods including the use of local clay bricks, advanced insulation, generous glazing for natural daylight, and roof overhangs crafted to reduce heat gain. Furthermore, it serves as an interactive center to raise awareness about climate change and motivate others to adopt eco-friendly practices. Through engaging displays, customers are inspired to make sustainable choices and adopt a greener lifestyle.

Starbucks has pledged to construct and retrofit 10,000 Greener Stores worldwide by 2025, marking a significant stride in advancing its commitment to hasten the global transition to a more sustainable future. Since the announcement of the international expansion of Greener Stores in September 2021, Starbucks has established a global framework comprising design, construction, and operational standards to certify new Greener Stores across the globe. As of March 2024, Greener Stores have received certification in over 40 markets worldwide, including India in the Asia Pacific region.

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