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McDonald’s adds a new Potato Menu Item, But Australians Disagree with the Name

A new potato-based menu item from McDonald’s will be available soon; the name will vary depending on where in Australia you are from.

On January 11, the fast food behemoth will introduce “chicken salted potato scallops” at its restaurants, but the product’s name has already sparked debate among customers.

In South Africa, it’s “potato pancakes,” while Victoria visitors insist it’s “potato pie.”

However, people from Queensland and New South Wales concur that a potato scallop is a deep-fried potato slice covered in crunchy tempura batter.

More than 4,000 comments have already been left on a Facebook post by Foodie Mumma Ren announcing the new Macca menu item, demonstrating how fervently Australians feel about the nostalgic menu item.

It’s best not to refer to it as a potato scallop in Victoria. Nobody will understand what they are discussing, according to one commenter.

Another chimed in, “If you’re from South Australia, you’d call it hash browns.”

Another person chimed in, “I’m from New South Wales, and they’ll always be scallops to me.”

Whatever you choose to call it, there is no denying that the newest addition, which is a part of McDonald’s summer menu, sounds “wonderful.”

One of them said, “I’m drooling.”

Another person said, “This would be wonderful on a Big Mac.”

McDonald’s expands their summer menu with the Aussie Angus Deluxe, McSpicy Deluxe, and Hokey Pokey Thickshake in addition to the anticipated $2 for $4 potato scallops.

“Macca’s provides you another reason to get together this summer with a menu that’s just as good on a road trip with friends as it is at the beach or backyard on a summer day,” said Tim Kenward, marketing director for McDonald’s Australia.

With the introduction of Potato Scallops with Chicken Salt and the Hokey Pokey Thick Cocktail, we have the newest variations on your favorite burgers.

Nothing goes quite like a wonderful Australian summer and a Macca summer, so no matter what your plans are, we’ve got you covered.

A 100% Aussie Angus beef patty, bacon, beets, Macca’s cheese, and a crispy salad dressed with tomato seasoning and aioli are all included in the Aussie Angus Deluxe Burger, which is served on a traditional bun.

The McSpicy Deluxe, on the other hand, comes with a 100% RSPCA-approved Australian chicken filet, topped with hot, sharp chili, creamy mayonnaise, locally sourced salad and cheese, and fresh tomatoes on a sesame seed bun.

With the honeycomb and vanilla flavor that the adored chocolate block is renowned for, the Hokey Pokey Thickshake was added for those with a sweet craving after customers “strongly demanded” it.

Following high demand, Macca’s nationwide menus began offering the Caramilk Hokey Pokey McFlurry in November.

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