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Karma and The Indian School of Hospitality collaborate to operate experiential farms

Karma Lakelands and École Ducasse ISH Gurugram have teamed up to create an immersive farm at the Karma Lakelands Golf Resort in Gurgaon. The founders of École Ducasse, ISH, and Karma Lakelands share a vision of introducing  Indian School of Hospitality (ISH) students to organic farming, beekeeping, and other eco-friendly efforts of sustainability and conscious living.

Since the resort’s construction, conscious living and eco initiatives have always been at the forefront of most endeavors at Karma Lakelands. Life at Karma is an amazing example of a meaningful and sustainable existence, from being aimed at being a zero-waste property to soil building, planting trees, rewilding, engaging in bee farming, and composting plant and animal waste. At Karma, environmentally friendly programs and conservation techniques that support and encourage sustainable living are ingrained in daily operations. As a resort, it works to minimize its carbon impact and implement measures to use less electricity and water, as well as to avoid using plastic.

When École Ducasse-ISH looked for new venues to meet demands for herbs and organic food in their kitchens, the idea for the farm emerged. The farmland will be used to grow seasonal ingredients and local plants, which will make up the majority of the ingredients used on campus. It will promote local food consumption, sustainable sourcing, and farm-to-table methods. Students will also take part in hands-on learning activities in the rustic kitchen and open classroom. At Karma Lakelands, they will also receive guidance from a specialist in sustainable and organic farming.

The Indian School of Hospitality has always modified its educational philosophies to match the demands of the rapidly evolving culinary and hospitality industries, according to Dilip Puri, founder, and CEO of ISH, “We’ve responded to the growing interest in food history by allowing students to engage in ethical agricultural harvesting. It will enable us to incorporate environmentally friendly methods into the culinary curriculum, much like the bachelor’s degree, which offers courses on farm-to-table principles, food policy, and the ecology of food. Students will be inspired to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices in this way.”

“We at Karma Lakelands are committed to maintaining the integrity of mother nature through our many environmental care and conscious living projects,” says Ashwani Khurana, founder, and CEO of Karma Lakelands. Working with ISH is another step in encouraging young people, the world’s future, to create soil and experience growing nutritious food. We want to encourage conscious living by reducing waste output and finding creative ways to handle it.

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