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Kadamba Whisky wins prestigious title of ‘Best Indian Single-Malt’ at Icons of Whisky awards

Kadamba, a renowned single-malt whisky hailing from Goa, has accomplished an outstanding feat by claiming the title of “Best Indian Single-Malt Whisky” at the Icons of Whisky awards, presented by Whisky Magazine in the UK. This remarkable achievement on the international stage is a significant milestone for Kadamba Whisky, solidifying its standing among esteemed global whisky brands such as Suntory, Red Breast, JP Wiser, and Johnny Walker.

Kadamba’s Signature Expression, the winning whisky, undergoes a double-distillation and is aged in a blend of bourbon, sherry, and virgin American oak casks. This unique aging process results in a complex and full-bodied flavor profile that sets Kadamba apart.

Renowned as one of the globe’s most esteemed whisky contests, The World Whiskies Awards conducts blind tastings of around 6,000 whiskies hailing from the top 60 distilleries across the globe. Kadamba’s triumph highlights its outstanding quality and meticulous craftsmanship.

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Crafted in limited batches to preserve its exclusivity and outstanding quality, Kadamba’s vintage single malt whisky commands a price of INR 2,200 per 750ml bottle. Encased in a stunning 3D cut-glass effect decanter, it has become a sought-after collector’s piece. Its distribution is restricted to exclusive wine outlets and upscale bars in Goa.

The Cheers Group is a globally recognized conglomerate in the beverage alcohol industry, renowned for its inventive range spanning Wine, Spirits, and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages. Among its standout offerings are Indian Single Malts and Scotch whiskies, serving as the group’s flagship products.

Imperial Distillers and Vintners Pvt. Ltd., a division of the Cheers Group situated in Goa, features a cutting-edge production facility dedicated to crafting exquisite malt spirits. This distillery houses a modern plant equipped with top-of-the-line copper stills employing the latest design and technology. With a capacity to produce up to one million liters of premium Indian malt spirit annually, it stands as a testament to excellence in distillation.

The acknowledgment of Kadamba single-malt whisky at the Icons of Whisky awards underscores its outstanding quality and craftsmanship. This accolade cements its status as a top-tier whisky, showcasing India’s rising prominence in the global whisky scene.

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