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G20 Summit: President’s grand dinner promises specially-curated menu and a sweet affair for delegates


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A “specially-curated menu” tailored to sync with the delicacies consumed during the Indian monsoon awaits the heads of state and other delegates at President Droupadi Murmu’s grand dinner at the G20 Summit venue on Saturday. Preparations are underway and senior managers and staff members of a luxury hotel group are busy setting up the dinner tables at Bharat Mandapam, which will host the two-day summit.

Sources said the ceremonial dinner will be served in bespoke silverware made especially for the occasion.

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“We have prepared a specially-curated menu, keeping in mind the culinary delicacies consumed during this (monsoon) season in India. Millet-based dishes will be on the menu too,” a source in the luxury hospitality group told PTI.

Authorities remain discreet about the precise menu, but it is anticipated to showcase the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine.

Murmu will host the grand dinner at Bharat Mandapam after the end of the summit’s first day. While the details of the menu are being kept “tightly guarded”, the heads of state are in for an “Indian delight” that will leave a “pleasant and unforgettable taste” in their mouths, another source said.

“Sweets of varied kinds such as gulab jamun, rasmalai and jalebi, etc are planned to be served,” the source said, adding that the serving staff will wear a special uniform.

The Indian government has not issued an official statement regarding the menu thus far. However, when questioned about whether the delegates will be provided with custom-made silverware, a source from the luxury hospitality group confirmed in the affirmative.

On Tuesday, a metalware company located in Jaipur disclosed that numerous upscale hotels had placed orders for tailor-made tableware and silverware. These bespoke items are intended for use by foreign delegates staying at these hotels and during the special dinner event.

Laksh Pabuwal, speaking to PTI, mentioned that the majority of the tableware comprises a steel or brass foundation, or a combination of both, complemented by a silver coating. Additionally, he noted that some of the plates designated for serving welcome drinks feature a gold plating.

The company hosted a media preview on Tuesday, showcasing a selection of the silverware. They had previously announced the production of approximately 15,000 pieces of silverware, meticulously crafted by a team of 200 skilled artisans for the summit. According to Rajeev Pabuwal of Iris Jaipur, the designs of these tableware items pay homage to India’s rich cultural heritage and its significant global standing.

“The tableware depict the glorious cultural heritage of India, motifs of flowers, the peacock — our national animal — graces the plates, and other items. The silverware will dazzle the heads of state with their cultural sparkle,” he told PTI.

Some of the tableware will be sent to the luxury hotel group responsible for arranging Saturday’s grand dinner. The group will cater the lunch and the dinner menus at the G20 Summit venue, the sources said.

The G20 Leaders’ Summit will be held at the newly-built international convention and exhibition centre — Bharat Mandapam — at Pragati Maidan on Saturday and Sunday.

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