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During the food safety raids, 43 restaurants were closed in Kerala

The Food Safety department has decided to step up its inspections across all districts in the wake of yet another fatality in Kottayam that was purportedly brought on by food poisoning.

The Food Safety wing has been asked to tighten regulatory checks and take strict action against those operating food businesses without the mandatory license and those who are running food businesses without adhering to the mandatory food safety and hygiene standards in light of the sporadic reports of food poisoning from many districts following the lull of the holiday season.

Veena George, the minister of health, has ordered the food safety division to take strict action against individuals who serve tainted or contaminated food and those seen to be preparing food in an unsanitary or unhygienic atmosphere.

Selling tainted food or food cooked in an unclean way is a crime, and violating food establishments risks losing their license. According to a statement released by the Health Department on Tuesday, the authorities would make sure that a license that has been revoked cannot be reinstated.

According to the Health Department, all food business owners and individuals who directly handle food preparation should exercise extreme caution in their duties and ensure public health is not jeopardized because contaminated food can negatively impact people’s lives and health.

It is the responsibility of the Food Safety wing to make sure that all food enterprises are functioning under the necessary licenses and registrations and that each public complaint is thoroughly investigated.

An official statement noted that the department’s portal, via which the public can file a complaint online and attach video or photographic evidence, is now being prepared.

Food Safety officials examined four hundred twenty-nine food establishments throughout the State on Tuesday as part of a special push by the department. Forty-three restaurants received notices to close, of which 21 lacked the necessary license, and 22 were discovered to be cooking food in unsanitary conditions. One hundred thirty-eight outlets received improvement notices from the department as well.

From all districts, 44 food samples were gathered from various outlets and sent for analysis.

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