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Draft Suggests Warnings in Pan Masala Ads should be Prominent  

The FSSAI has released a draft to modify rules pertaining to “pan masala” labeling and display that mandate warning messages be louder in such items’ marketing.

The revision pertained to Schedule II of the Labeling and Display Regulations of 2020, which are governed by the FSS Act and specify the declarations that must be attached to food products.

Every package containing Pan Masala and advertisement pertaining to it must bear the following warning and/or declaration, in a rectangular box: “CHEWING OF PAN MASALA IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH,” as per Schedule II paragraph 3 of the labeling and display regulations.

A footnote is now added to this warning in the current amendment, requesting that FBOs make the warning more obvious in their marketing. In the draft of the Food Safety and Standards (Labeling and Display) Amendment Regulations, 2022, it is stated that “this warning phrase should be clearly legible or audible in advertisements connected to Pan Masala.”

The FSSAI issued a directive on June 17, 2022, that made the provision “Note: This warning message should be clearly legible or audible in advertisements relating to Pan Masala” active with effect from July 1, 2022.

The FSSAI also adopted a regulation to include “processed nuts,” which includes coated nuts and nut combinations (only pan masala and arecanut-based mouth fresheners), as a food category earlier this year, in April.

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