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D’Amazonia launches new collagen-infused tea beverage to target wellness market

D’Amazonia, a UK-based tea manufacturer, has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of a collagen-infused hot tea drink, capitalizing on its various health advantages.

D’Amazonia’s Beauty Tea combines a mix of ingredients such as Chinese green tea, collagen peptides, hibiscus, turmeric, moringa leaf, Chinese white tea, rosehip, apple pieces, and blackberry leaves.

As per D’Amazonia, collagen supplements have become a significant trend within the UK wellness community, being hailed as the “holy grail” for addressing joint stiffness and enhancing skin health. Making up 80% of the human skin, collagen is essential for retaining suppleness and firmness, acting as a natural barrier against premature wrinkles and maintaining skin elasticity.

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Marcela Tupinamba, the founder of D’Amazonia, commented, “As always, our functional teas are designed to provide more than just delicious taste and refreshment.”

“Our beauty tea is designed to address the fact that as we age, our bodies not only produce collagen less efficiently but also combat unavoidable free radicals, such as UV rays from the sun, environmental pollution, and the effects of passive smoking, which hasten the depletion of our natural collagen levels.”

Starting May 24, 2024, Beauty Tea will be easily accessible for purchase, featuring 20 tea bags per package crafted entirely from 100% biodegradable materials.

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