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Cute toddler bakes with mother, wins the Internet.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

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We like kids’ videos the most out of all the videos on social media. We love to watch videos of cute toddlers making a mess while they eat or just making us laugh with their cute requests and demands. Parents would agree that the most important thing for kids is to keep them busy and interested in different things. 

We recently saw a video on Reddit in which a child asked his mother to help him bake cookies. The two people took a video of this fun activity, and the cute kid’s expression of gratitude will melt your heart. Check out the whole video here:

The user “u/dynamyk100” posted the video to the subReddit r/MadeMeSmile. It has over 5,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments from users who like it. The video had a caption that said, “Kid is very grateful that his mom made cookies.”

In the clip, we could see what goes on behind the scenes when people enjoy baking. The mother took a video of herself and her son having fun while mixing cookie dough in big bowls. In the caption, the mother wrote, “He asked if we could make cookies today because he saw cookie cutters in the store.” I had never made cookies from scratch before, but he insisted on it, so I got all the ingredients to give it a try. 

See the viral clip here

“We went to work when we got home.” She hoped she did everything right, and the kid couldn’t help but appreciate all the work his mom was putting in. In the video, he said, “Thanks, mom!” and gave her a big hug and kiss. She said, “Thank you,” and the child said, “I love you.”

People on Reddit really liked the touching video of the boy baking with his mother. Several people thought it was nice of him to thank her in such an open and direct way. Someone wrote in the comments, “Saying yes to your kids is so powerful.” “This is so cute!” said someone else. One user said, “Those “thank yous” are about a lot more than the cookies.”

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