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Cannabis-containing snack, Piranha Power Pack Nuts removed from Singapore vending machines; CNB is looking into it

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The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) announced in a statement on Friday that a snack was placed on sale in Singapore vending machines and advertised as having a type of cannabis.

The Piranha Power Pack Nuts product, which CNB suspects may contain hemp seed flour made from the Cannabis Sativa plant, has been ordered by the importer to be taken off the market.

“The hemp plant’s scientific name is Cannabis sativa. In other words, hemp is marijuana, according to CNB.

Manufacturers frequently use the name “hemp” to describe a plant type that contains very little tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound that is unlikely to have any euphoric effects.

Nevertheless, the Misuse of Drugs Act’s first schedule lists cannabis and its derivatives as Class “A” restricted substances.

Despite what the product labels may say, any items made from the Cannabis sativa plant or its seeds may include prohibited drugs like THC, according to the CNB, which also noted that there are negative health effects associated with THC consumption.

An Australian-owned company that makes the snack claims on its website that each package of Piranha Power Pack Nuts contains 2% hemp seed flour.

The importer’s name and the location of the vending machines housing these products were not disclosed by CNB.

The CNB reported that investigations are still ongoing.

According to CNB, it is illegal to import, export, possess, sell, or consume any restricted substances or items that contain them, even in trace amounts.

It advised consumers not to eat the Piranha Power Pack Nuts snack and to throw them away instead.

If they come across additional food products or substances that they believe may contain restricted narcotics, members of the public can call CNB at 1800 325 6666 for information and assistance, or they can submit a report online at www.eservices.cnb.gov.sg/feedback.

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