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British Man Prepares Traditional Mirchi Vada, Wins Over the web.

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One British man’s attempt at making Rajasthani Mirchi Vada goes viral and wins over the web. A video of a British man cooking traditional Rajasthani mirchi vada recently went viral and has been met with widespread acclaim.

All the components are mixed carefully with traditional ingredients. The @plantfuture Highlights Instagram account captured this image. It’s not uncommon for foreigners to master Indian cuisine. Those on the Internet gave his culinary abilities high marks and great reviews. 

Instagram user @plantfuture, aka Jake Dryan, uploaded the video. The now-viral video shows him producing authentic Rajasthani mirchi vada and, at the very end, sampling his creation. What first caught our attention was the fact that he did not use a spoon or whisk but instead mixed everything by hand. “Spicy potato fritters stuffed with mirchi.” “Stuffed with aloo masala and coated in gram flour, these peppers are a spicy treat.” Examine the post’s caption for further clarification. 

Check out the complete video here: See the video here  

The video has over 9.1 million views, 325 thousand likes, and tens of thousands of comments (still counting). Indian Instagram users were very happy with how well he cooked, and they gave him a lot of praise in the comments section. 

Below are some of the comments netizens posted  in praise:

“I like how you put those recipes together. You don’t use spoons or spatulas. Instead, you use your hands. That’s how Indian food should be made. “Before you do any of that, you should wash your hands.” 

“They did better than a lot of Indians.”

“I have to tell you that you made the batter with your hands, just like an Indian mom. “It’s amazing to see how your recipes turned out in the real world.”

“Just too good! “You can already be a citizen of our country.”

“You won my heart by mixing the besan with your hands.”

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