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Bisleri’s Vedica launches Himalayan Sparkling Water, expanding premium portfolio


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Bisleri International is intensifying its focus on premium offerings by expanding its renowned spring water brand, Vedica, into the sparkling water market. The leading packaged drinking water company aims for Vedica to achieve a INR 100 crore brand status and anticipate it to account for approximately 10% of their total revenues within the upcoming 2-3 years.

On Thursday, the company introduced Vedica Himalayan Sparkling Water priced at INR 175 for a 300 ml glass bottle. The product will be progressively introduced in various other packaging sizes.

Jayanti Khan Chauhan, Vice-Chairperson, Bisleri International, said “Indian consumers palette is evolving and they want to experiment with new formats and products. The Sparkling water segment is still a niche but fast-growing segment. It will take some time before it reaches the levels seen in developed markets such as Europe.” She added that the launch is being done just ahead of the festival season and sparkling water beverages are associated with special occasions.

Presently, Vedica makes up 5 percent of Bisleri International’s total revenue.

“We expect Vedica to become a INR 100 crore brand in the next 2-3 years and grow its contribution to the company’s overall revenues to 10 per cent. We want the brand to grab a lion’s share in the premium spring water segment,” Chauhan explained.

“We are growing its reach across modern trade and general trade stores in the HNI localities. We are also selling it through quick-commerce platforms as well as our own D2C app,” Chauhan added.

The company previously announced its goal to increase its revenues to approximately INR 5,000 crore by fiscal year 2025-2026, up from approximately ₹2,300 crore in fiscal year 2023.

Chauhan also noted that the company’s performance has been robust, except for the adverse effects of unseasonal rains during the summer season.

The company has been actively expanding its footprint in the carbonated beverage market through offerings like Bisleri Pop, Spyci Jeera, and Rev.

“We are ramping up manufacturing capacities for this segment and expanding our distribution. We expect the carbonated drinks portfolio to grow quite rapidly,” she added.

Currently, the company operates six manufacturing facilities for its carbonated beverages, with plans to incorporate two additional facilities in the near future.

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